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  1. 2 hours ago, EastwindS2k said:

    Thanks friend. I'm standing on the shoulder of giants and I'm sure there are many great tutorials on Youtube.  

    I can share some of my thoughts about resins:

    * Usually fitment is not perfect because most are garage kits

    * Long preparation time, especially if you want the best result 

    * May need some modification skills (cutting, drilling, putty, scribe etc.)

    I was inspired from Narita san's model building page. The journal of his award winning SU27 Flanker is epic. 


    The bottom line is don't worry about making a perfect model. Just get started and have fun! :D 




    Thank you so much!! I will try to follow all the steps, especially have a good time.:good:


  2. On 5/28/2020 at 6:09 PM, EastwindS2k said:

    Update on the first post:

    * Add VE1 Elint Seeker

    * Add SF3A Lancer II

    * Add SF3A Super Lancer II 






    If I am a pilot in the Macross universe, I’ll probably fly the SF3A because it’s non transformable and designed for hit-and-run missions, that suits a simple and timid person like me. It’s too bad that SF3A only appeared briefly in episode 1 of Macross.



    This 1/60 kit doesn’t have many pieces, but resin needs to be processed before assembly so it has a long build time. A resin piece may need to be clipped, trimmed, cooked,  patched, and repeatedly sanded.






    I decided to make a super Lancer after seeing this cool drawing (kudos to the artist). It reminds me of the Stark Jegan captain in Gundam UC. After test fitting with my toys, I purchased a set of fast pack and began modifying the parts.



    I made an antenna extension with epoxy putty because the stock piece is too short with the fast pack. The thickness is slightly increased to compensate for the additional length.




    Mounting boosters on the Lancer is a challenge due to their weight. I heated the dorsal piece and then carved out 2 cavities for connecting joints.



    The Home Depot white paint works surprisingly well. It’s inexpensive and has good coverage (but dries slowly). Just spray carefully because the nozzle was made for larger objects.





    I trimmed the adapter and then glued it with 2 arm armors. Later, the armors will be mounted on the SF3A’s ventral section like the drawing. I also added extra weapons to make it more “cool”. Now this little fighter can fly gloriously like Roy!





    The included decals were not enough for this project so I used a few extras. 




    This is it. Have fun and be safe to you all :)





    Could you share a tutorial for working resin models? Because seeing how you did it, I did not think it was so complicated and I wanted to put together a Lancer model that I have saved. Certainly impressive work.

  3. On 8/13/2019 at 2:19 PM, SailCat said:

    I thought I saw a pic somewhere of a YF-23 Blackwidow in Macross YF-21 colors.  However my Google-fu has failed, and I don't seem to have saved a copy.

    Any one ever see it? 


  4. This is the only mail I have,  info@anime-export.com,  You should make the payment only to Paypal but also to the card for duplication of payment. I hope it serves you

  5. 2 minutes ago, no3Ljm said:

    True. And I agree.

    But just an FYI, we found out that Metal Structure is already a pre-built figure and not a GunPla so it's appropriate  for this video to be posted in the Gundam Figure instead:


    Sorry I thought it was appropriate to put it here. If the administrator is kind enough to relocate it, I'll appreciate it

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