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  1. Nah, I have it covered. That's a Virgin Road VF-1D in back with Max VF-1J Super Parts. Sold the 1J off but kept the super parts. Best of both worlds. =)
  2. Hello Macross peeps, it's been a while! Finally got around to putting my small but effective valk display (all Hikaru valks, M&M's, and double seaters only!) back up after buying and moving into a new house, so I thought I'd come out of retirement and share a crappy pic on MW with you all. I'd sold off my VE-1 a while ago to help with moving expenses, but since everything has settled down, I was able to pick one up from Mass Driver to make my double seater collection complete once again. I'll eventually make the poses more dynamic and add the weapon effects back on like the old days, but for now it's just nice to have my prized valkyries out once again in my new toy room/museum! Happy holidays everyone. =)
  3. Big props to Mass Driver for a smooth Elintseeker deal! Super honest seller and ships very fast, highly recommended! Thanks again man, glad to have a VE-1 back in the hanger. =)
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