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  1. Moscato Dear Sir: My greatest respect for you!. I would like to purchase some artwork from Macross that only you could. His works are unique, perfect and flawless. I would like to contact you, my email is christianbenitez77@hotmail.com, please mail or need some website to see the amount and form of payment. Best regards.

  2. Hy Macross Man. Your collection is great, I have a small question for you, where I can find some custom decals for VF-1J Stealth, Low Visibility (UN Air Force) and the Guardia Minmmey like yours?. The cost?. As I can see in one of your custom photo stickers says Trident Design Works, but the E-mail I can not distinguish well. My email is christianbenitez77@hotmail.com, please respond. Already S...

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