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  1. Yea, that's why I try to avoid both places as much as possible. The shippers are obnoxiously bad there. When there's good content there, it's good, but it's annoying having to wade through all the shipping. Can't we discuss other aspects of Frontier? Like Wilder going wild and Ozma being Ozma A mother figure who took you in during when you were abandoned and eating trash in the ghettos of Galaxy and raised you like her own daughter and loved you, asks you to do something for her, you probably would. Especially when you probably don't know the full ramifications of her wish.
  2. The humans are forgiving because the whole thing started due to human meddling. The Vajra didn't strike first. The experiments on the Vajra were going on long before Ranka was born. Ranka was born during the 117th Research Fleet doing experiments on the Vajra. Remember Ranshe Mei contracted V-type infection while pregnant with Ranka.
  3. From what I gathered, the Vajra are non-hostile unless provoked. The 117th research fleet seemed to have no problem with them until they were provoked and attacked them.
  4. Yea, that's what I've been using. I think that and Zero-Raws are the best in terms of picture quality. But have a higher bitrate than the rest I believe, so you might want to look for something smaller if your computer can't handle it.
  5. Yea, I noticed the Delta 1 line. They also translated Griffith Park to Griffithburg. I've been going around looking at mistranslations and the works and editing the lines. Not really bothered about the song lyrics because I already edited the song lyrics to be small and out of the way.
  6. Honestly for me, I wish that they would have taken some more time between Ozma's "death" and the final battle. I wanted to see Cathy and Bobby mourning for Ozma or something. I think in terms of the love triangle, this film handled it spot on. The grander galaxy plot could have been fleshed out more. Maybe let the film have 15 more minutes to give it some breathing room.
  7. Yea, just noticed that. Btw, is her name spelled Godunuwa or Godunova? I've seen both, but mostly the former. グレイス・ゴドゥヌワ
  8. I'm sad now. I just realised that the last piece of Frontier we're getting will be the Happy Merry Christmas Blu Ray
  9. Have you upgraded your codecs for 10bit? Have you upgraded your codecs for 10bit?
  10. So is it okay to talk about the film without using the spoiler tag? http://www.mediafire.com/?z9xc4ldmsyhs2x9 That's the commie ones. I've done a quick edit. If anyone wants them.
  11. Commie is a "sub" group. I say sub with quotations because they hardly sub and usually just rip from crunchyroll or funimation and slap the official subs onto a better encode. They can sub if they want to though.
  12. You do know that there are plenty of 720 and 1080 raws available. And Commie said they're working on it. Although they said it would be available between 24-48 hours, 72 hours ago. So who knows.
  13. Not sure about the first, but the second one is from Macross Frontier Visual Collection Sheryl Nome Final
  14. You know, when I first saw the YF-19, I didn't like it much. But the more I saw it, and when I eventually saw it in action, it grew on me. I think it had to do with the fact that I didn't like the red coloring at first. I still like the VF-25 much more. But my favorite VF by design is still either the VF-4 or the VF-19.
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