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  1. tom64ss,

    ^_^ whew... ok,

    Everyone who's against the idea talks about them like it would be such a monstrocity, when all were really talking about is a few inches. In the end, it's really the price tag, isn't it?

    A 1/60 vf-1a costs approx $50 to about $70

    A 1/48 vf-1a costs approx $120 to about $150.

    I dont know if you actually sat down and thought about it but that's more than double the price for a "few inches".

    Given the popularity of the yf 19 alone. The price would be even greater. So let's see... that's about $450 for three toys with a few measely inches added to them.

    In the end, it's really the price tag, isn't it?

    WTF is this about?? You talk as if the concern for price is a non-issue. I dunno what money tree you're standing under but for many of us, it is an issue.

    If they were made in 1/60 and it sold well, Yamato would eventually just make them in 1/48 anyways, and then all the people who bought 1/60 Mac+ toys would bitch about Yamato sucking them dry.

    Bypassing the 1/60 scale to accomodate rich, size-crazed asses like yourself, seems a bit illogical.

    And when 1/60 does well, (when it's made) which it will..., like you said..., "Yamato would eventually just make them in 1/48 anyways".

    SO.... Then technically, you shall get your 1/48...

    1/48 ONLY people, you guys are a minority. Not that it's a bad thing... but when you start suggesting we skip the 1/60... then it becomes a bad thing....

  2. oh my,

    What is all this talk about 1/60 Mac+? :lol::blink::unsure:;)

    I guess the joyous complete feeling I've enjoyed of owning all the Yamato valks will be shorter lived than I had imagined....

    Anyway, as long as we're on this subject of what size is fitting for the Mac+...,

    I think 1/60 is fine for Mac +.

    I apologize in advance for being redundant, but 1/48 mac + valks would be just atrocious for many of us financially.

    Also, a short comment on this quote:

    We just want a BIG Valkyrie. Extra emphasis on big. I for one, don't give a flying sh!t about detail. The whole leg removal thing and heatshield thing not withstanding, I thought the detail on the 1/60 was good enough for me. Removable nosecones and opening airbrakes are superfluous. BUT... IT'S BIG! IT'S HUGE! I LOVE IT! I'm sure that's how a lot of other people feel as well.

    "WE?" Dude you're a minority.

    A big F***ing valk without adequate detail is just butt-haneous.

    Detail is king, Durability is Queen, then size matters. -_-

  3. One thing I want to comment to some of the replies is...

    I never said that yamato should hurry up in production or rush anything out the door ASAP. I dunno if most of you followed yamato for the first version of the YF 19 a long while ago, but I waited patiently, beeming with anticipation whenever bits of info on it appeared on the net.

    What I hope for is not a rushed valk... Yamato can take their time to perfect it...

    And YES hurricaine, they can and have the option of staying secretive.

    But it is also MY option and right as a customer and a fan to question what the secracy is about.

    What I hope for is SOME info directly from yamato regarding the progress of this valk... At least when the first version was delayed time and time again, they had some bits of info on why it was delayed...

    All I hope for is some communication....

    I think with the growing number of fans yamato has amassed since then, communication should be better, not more stubborn and secretive....

    In reply to Graham, I really appreciate the info though how minute it is. I just dont understand how yamato thinks a select few should be able to observe the progress and then to shut them up completely....

    I think it's cruel...

  4. Cool...

    Graham speaks! :)

    I must say.... though it contains NO NEW info whatsoever.... it's somewhat eerily assuring. :huh:

    I wish a yamato employee can see just how much people are thirsting for a peak... imagine the "ooh..., ahh's..." when we see the damn thing...

    Hey, can ya show us the cockpit? or maybe just an arm?:lol:

    Good Lord....

    The pitiful being I've become.... :o:(

  5. Sup,

    I agree with the fact that releasing info TOO SOON is definitely not a good thing for Yamato, BUT it's been delayed a couple of times... So I surmise that it isnt "too soon"... to the contrary, I think they might be a bit too up tight about it...

    Also, I would assume if (supposedly) graham was given the opportunity to see pics of it, the development of the figure would have progressed enough so that fan nit picking wouldnt be such a big factor. I really can't imagine a scenario at this point that really makes a sneak peak unreasonable by now.

    I'm just hoping some surprise will come to us by the christmas season...

    I trust it'd be kick ass... but right now I feel like I'm in the middle of a "Yamato desert" looking for an oasis... :wacko:

    I'm fricken thirsty Yamato... think of the little people dammit... :p

  6. :D Thanks for replying,

    hmm.. there was a huge leak?

    Still.... leak or not, there's NO public info on the yf 19. I mean it's not as if it's a movie or a game in production. There's no story or ending to be ruined... is it too much to ask for a gray prototype pic? I'm sure it'll be beneficial to yamato's sales for the figure rather than diminish it.

  7. Ok,

    I like almost all of you, am an avid collector of yamato valks, dishing out $70+ each (sometimes even $100+) to contribute to the rising popularity of their products. I've been reading most of all your comments regarding the upcoming yf 19 FP and I begin to wonder why no one is openly questioning the REASON for all this secracy behind it?

    If yamato is going to delay the release of the figure as they always do, why wont they atleast give some prototype pics of it? OR for pete's sake why not give a clear reason why they cant give us a peak?

    Don't take me wrong. I really dont mean to gripe but I think it's dumb for us to be SO deprived of info. Gosh people, have the guts to put SOME good hearted pressure on yamato. I think we have a right to, dont we?

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