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  1. I suppose two models would work for those that don't mind paying a bit more.
  2. It will add print time, and as we all know, time is money.
  3. Sorry to say but that won't be happening, trying to keep these under $20 shipped in the states. They already align and hold on very secure so that won't be an issue. Oh and they won't be cast, but rather 3D ABS prints.
  4. More parts and complexity add to the cost, I am trying to keep these as simple and cheap as possible. And no, the covers are strictly for F mode and wont work in any other mode.
  5. Noted, I'll see how much I can reduce it but still be able to hide the bar and arm.
  6. Please forgive the unfinished look, but I plan on using the dimensions from this physical proto, to remake it in CAD. It helps lock the leg in place and hide the bar as much as possible. Going to CAD it sometime next week, and if there's enough demand I will offer them in high quality ABS 3D prints on my web store.
  7. Future or ABS slurry are both alternatives for glue, each has it's pros and cons, but I still will always prefer super glue to either.
  8. Not sure why people are still asking for what it compares to, this pretty much sums everything up right here. 13 transformations in and still holds together like a champ and nothing broken. I mean really, at this point if you like it buy it, if you don't - well just hope we get another one within the next decade. Also, as a side note, I think I have only seen one report of a breakage anywhere. I guess time will tell if anything explodes, but seems to be made right to me.
  9. Haters gonna hate, players gonna play, and Lovers gonna Love... again! Been playing with it and transformed it about 12 times already, and just giving it a little TLC really brings out the greatness of the toy. The only regret I have about it is the price, wish I held out and got one of those going on ebay for $175 shipped. Meh, still love it and really glad I got it.
  10. Yes super glue, it serves the same purpose as Future, but is quicker and better in my experience. Though I advise caution for anyone who hasnt used it to build up the tabs as they might permanently fuse the parts accidentally. Some quick and crappy pics
  11. 1 arm and 1 leg tab were each loose out the box, and I didn't use Future on mine, I used super glue since it works better. I only recommend Future for those who don't have experience with super glue. I applied the glue to each of the tabs you have circled on your pics a couple of posts up.
  12. Did a quick shake video for my VF-2 https://youtu.be/ZyxAzGrUYmA
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