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  1. I'm not a toy collector but that's one of the coolest things I've seen a company do in a while. Kenny
  2. I say learn to build. If you can fabricate anything, you already have artistic ability. Buy a lot of kits and supplies. Build the kits. Do so in a mediocre fashion BUT learn a lot. Build the next lot a bit better and so on. Before you know it, you are building contest winners, literally and figuratively. Make this kit one of the ones you buy initially, but set it aside until you feel you're ready for it. Of course, as a long time builder, I am a bit biased. Kenny
  3. Needs more missiles... :ducks: That's freakin' awesome! Kenny
  4. Thanks MT, Sean and Petarb! Here's my post from SSM: It seems the amount of work is inversely proportionate to the amount of photogenic updates today. What rescribing that needed doing was completed, as was a thorough sanding with 400-grit sandpaper. Forgot to show this in the last update: Greebled cover to hide gaping hole between the pipes Although I Was able to carefully assemble the cannon muzzle assemblies to prevent major gaps, I never quite liked how the area looked. Thinned Aves and other goodness, combined with cannons that would have, in the "real" craft shot though the fuselage, made for a modeling problem area there. I finally chopped the forward barrels off, added a sheet metal lip, faired in said metal with CA cured with baking soda, and smoothed the inner area with some black tinted, thinned Blessed Aves. I made new cannon barrels (not pictured) from steel tubing: Black Aves goodness Finally, the canopy is secured and faired in with more thinned, holy Aves. All RCS assemblies are finished: Pilot in front office and a few RCS assemblies visible Comments are criticisms welcomed. I am going to bed. Kenny
  5. I'm working an a VF-22. First I never build "canon" in any genre. I always add RCS thrusters and do my own choice of markings, fer instance. Here's the landing gear glazed and dirty: Canopy with a light blue tint: There was an awful step between the wings and fuselage. I sanded down the existing detail and replaced it with a "macrossy" looking detail in .015-inch styrene, cut from a template. I sanded the area down such that everything is niche and flush. Beauty shot showing the top. The little white areas are more RCS assemblies made from .015-inch styrene and cut from a template: Pilot in the front office. Glazed with Future and Winsor & Newton inks: A lot more work's been done, but that's all the images I have for now. Kenny
  6. True craftmanship! It's refreshing to see what I call "The old ways" being used so well. So few people can scratchbuild well anymore. Well done. Kenny
  7. Airbrush very thin paint at very low pressure. Always works for me...well usually. Kenny
  8. Wow Sean, those are nice! No suprise. Kenny
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