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HCM VF-1J John 2-8-11 (3).JPG


here is the 1985 BANDAI HCM VF-1J

that i bought from fellow MWer "VT-102"

i have fully applied the included decals (two sheets, self-adhesive fine film, cut from sheet to fit) and fully painted the white plastic Lynn Minmay in her beautiful DYRL pink and white stage dress. i have also painted the red sighting sensor on the barrel of the GU-11, as it was supplied unpainted, with no appropriate decal included on either sheet for the purpose. i finished by applying the BANDAI identification and manufacture labels from the two sheets onto the inner styro tray and it's cardboard lid. finally, i shored up and strengthened the box with transparent tape, and hinged the styro tray lid to the tray, placing DYRL movie screenshots and a MACROSS character lineup on the bare inner side of the lid.

all in all, even with it's faults, this is by far my favorite vintage VF-1 replica, and my second favorite VF-1 replica period, right behind the YAMATO 1/60v.II of this same VF-1 variant...

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