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“Macross: Do You Remember Love” & “Macross Frontier Movies 1+2”: Triple bill theatrical screening in July; plus “DYRL” TV Special to air

This has been known for a while but I figured I ought to front-page it sooner rather than later, plus new details keep being added every so often.

To celebrate its much-hyped Blu-ray debut next month, “Super Dimension Fortress Macross: Do You Remember Love”, the movie that showed impressionable 80s kids that “you can still fight when you’re drunk” * is back on the BIG SCREEN, yes, in Technicolor and all that jazz, for a limited time only.  To differentiate it from the last Tokyo screening in 2010, this time they are using the newly remixed 5.1 channel soundtrack, so you can experience it in a completely fresh way.

Not only that, but it’s running back-to-back with screenings of the two “Macross Frontier” movies (“Itsuwari no Utahime/The False Songstress” and “Sayonara no Tsubasa/The Wings of Farewell”), to round off a monster triple-bill TRIANGLER of a Macross movie marathon.

So bring your friends, your mega-size popcorn and your deodorant, because we’re in for a dusk-till-dawn test of hardcore sci-fi-robot-action-romance-all-singing-all-dancing-space-opera-schoolgirl-slapping endurance!  “The women must not penetrate!”

Shinjuku Wald 9 (katakana-pronounced as “Baruto 9”, bizzarely) will be hosting this triple screening on three nights, details follow.

Screening schedule:
1) Friday, 2012/7/6 —       23:30-5:45
2) Saturday, 2012/7/ 7 —  23:30-5:45
3) Friday, 2012/7/13 —     23:30-5:45   There will be breaks in between movies.

Place: “Wald 9” in Shinjuku.  Under 18s not allowed.  (Because, how dare they watch cartoons.)

Tickets: 3,600 Yen

Tickets can be purchased in advance from “KINEZO EXPRESS”, accessible through Wald 9’s website from June 30th until tickets sell out.

AAaaaAAND!!  As if that wasn’t enough — Tokyo MX, a Kanto TV network, is airing a special hour-long documentary feature on “Do You Remember Love” to coincide with all of this!  The program will reportedly feature interviews with Kawamori and company and provide insight into the behind-the-scenes goings-on during production of the movie.  So set your Betamax to record for posterity what is sure to be a real gem of a show.

Broadcast: Sunday, 2012/7/8 —  21:00-22:00

Channel: Tokyo MX TV.

Take the hype train to the end of the line, because it’s a one-way ticket to “DYRL” bliss from here on in!



“DYRL” is released on Bluray on July 26、2012.

DYRL on BluRay and related discussion thread HERE.

*For the record, I always thought the translation, “How can you fight a war if you’re afraid of a little booze?!” was more accurate. 😛