Cool8tor’s build of Captain America’s 1/72 Regult Scout

Once again, master model builder “Cool8or” has completed one of his beautiful┬ápieces. This time he tackled another mech from MW’s own Captain America’s 1/72 line, the Zentradi Regult Scout Type. Not his first from that line, Cool8tor continues to showcase his talent and technique, not only choosing the beautiful colors for the standard scheme, but applying weathering that makes it hard to believe that what you’re looking at in these photographs are tiny scaled models.

The combined talent of these artists continues to highlight the tradition of fine dedication to represent the timelessness in the designs of a thirty year old animation on Macross World.

Macross World from it’s inception has supported resourceful individuals, mostly because the merchandise well had dried up around it’s creation. But even in these fruitful years of toys and model kits in the market, the dedication and talent of pros such as these keep the original spirit of this site alive.


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