Arcadia Displays VF-0D Prototype


Arcadia showed up at the Miyazawa Mokei Spring Showcase 2014 today, and boy did they bring the goods!

On display for the first time ever was an early, transformable prototype of the previously announced VF-OD! The Valkyrie is still due to release sometime in 2015, with no specific date set as of yet.

Also announced was a re-issue of the VF-19 Fire Valkyrie, which had previously been issued under the Yamato brand.  The re-issue will come complete with Sound Booster (previously sold separately), and is due to go on sale this fall with no specific date set at this time.


MW forum regular and SpeakerPODcast co-host SAVE was on the scene and was good enough to get a bunch of pics. He even had Mr.K hold the prototype upside down so we could get a better view!

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YF-30 @ Tamashi Nations Akiba Showroom

Starting last Thursday, a special display of Bandai Chogokin Macross Valkyries  opened at Tamashi Nations Akiba Showroom. Included among the Valkyries on display was the YF-30, YF-25 Prophecy, and Ozuma colored YF-29. Of course, the SpeakerPODcast crew dropped by to check it out and get some footage!

The display will run until April 24, so anyone in the area be sure to check it out!


April Fool’s Joke – Arcadia VF-0D Project on indefinite hold




Arcadia’s Mr K tweeted some bad news this morning about the sad state of affairs that their company has ran into. Due to disappointing sales of the their latest Macross toy, the 1/60 YF-19 he said that they have been forced to put the much hyped VF-0D on indefinite hold. Critics of the company attributes this disappointing turn of events not only to the Macross Plus valk but the puzzling choice of items that the company decided to put their money into including the 1:1 Gunpod and this upcoming 1:1 version of Mylene’s bass guitar from Macross Seven.  

When asked to comment Mr. K only said these two words…

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April Fool’s Joke – Bryan Cranston wants a Macross Plus feature film!

ttDuring an interview in Japan about his upcoming film Godzilla, the host asked the Breaking Bad star about his interest in Japanese culture outside the realm of the most famous Kaiju ever. He talked about his stint doing voices for anime and Sentai shows including the Power Rangers. The interesting part to us Macross fans was when he mentioned that he did the voice for a certain character named Isamu Dyson in a 90’s OVA called Macross Plus and how he had been pushing the idea of making a live action film version of it. the interviewer had never heard of the anime and asked a different question after that. I’d be curious to hear more about this and if the actor even knows about the legal entanglement that the property is in.

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April Fool’s Joke – Kawamori cites HBO series as inspiration for new Macross show

It’s well known that Kawamori is a huge Games Of Thrones fan but we didn’t realize how much until it was revealed at an interview that the new show announced last week was going to be highly inspired by the George R R Martin’s book and series. The new show will incorporate not only one love triangle but a complicated number of love connection between humans and aliens across the universe. The mecha designer/director/series creator also stated that there will be a many protagonist, idols and villains that may or may not make it to the series end.


Kawamori went on to talk about his other projects like the upcoming M3 series and and the currently running Nubunaga The Fool. Pursued to comment further on the new Macross project Kawamori explained:

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‘Valkyries’ artist Hidetaka Tenjin to make US TV Debut!


‘FACE OFF’, a special effects/make up competition/reality show on SYFY, has released a press release announcing that in the latest episode the remaining participants travel to Tokyo where they meet, among other special guests, famed Macross Artist Hidetaka Tenjin!

The episode will air on SYFY  on Tuesday, March 4 at 9 PM ET/PT and will mark Tenjin-san’s first ever US TV appearance.

A teaser for the episode can be found on the official website.

From the press release:
‘In the episode, “Ego Trip Abroad,” the artists embark on the trip of a lifetime where they’ll gather inspiration for two extreme challenges celebrating the fascinating culture of Japan. After a day of exploration, they arrive at an ancient temple where host McKenzie Westmore and two-time Academy Award-nominated makeup artist Kazuhiro Tsuji are waiting to deliver their next Foundation Challenge – to create an original take on a traditional Japanese Oni, which are ogre-like Japanese demons. The next day, the artists venture off into the heart of Akihabara, Tokyo’s tech district and ground zero for anime, where they meet genius anime artist Hidetaka Tenjin. They learn their Spotlight Challenge will be to create a character based on one of Japan’s most famous exports, anime, with a surprise personal twist thrown into the mix.’