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Macross II video review time!!

The infamous “sequel” gets a rundown on Anime Abandon. So just why did it get booted out into its own continuity? Do its good parts compensate the bad ones? Just watch the link below to find out:


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It’s Macross Month on Anime Abandon!

Is Macross Plus the greatest OVA ever made? Bennett “The Sage” makes the case on his show “Anime Abandon”. Sage is an online entertainer and reviewer specializing in recent video games and old anime. You can watch part one of his M+ review following the link below:

For more 90’s anime craziness, you can check his other reviews on, home of the “Nostalgia Critic” and many other satirical reviewers of movies, television shows, popular music, comics and video games both old and new.


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The 1/60 Fan Racer: Yamato’s first Macross Model Kit

Yamato fan racer

Yamato Toys surprised their collectors when they announced the 1/60 Fan Racer  as a model kit. To be released at the Shizuoka Hobby Show 2009, this marked the first time Yamato has  put out an unbuilt model kit. The fan racer, made of ABS plastic was relatively easy to put together, it even held together without any glue. The first release was in white and then it was subsequently released again in December in pearl gray as a set with the Angel 1/60 VF-1A Angel Bird custom scheme and then again in clear plastic with the Angle bird as a promotion in Macross Chronicle issue 48, April 2010.  The first release lacked the Hikaru pilot figure but then it was included in the latter sets. I do believe HLJ offered the later Fan Racer releases by itself on their website.

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