30th Anniversary Events

30th Anniversary Event & Merchandise Update


The official Macross 30th Anniversary website has posted new news regarding some of the upcoming anniversary events.

MACROSS: THE DESIGN@PARCO – the first 100 ppl to spend over 3000yen on April 26th will receive a ticket to receive an autograph from Haruhiko Mikimoto at a signing event on April 29. Lucky ticket holders will receive a specially prepared print that will be signed by Mikimoto. Special Frontier themed foods (i.e., Galaxy Ramen) will also be available at the event.

MACROSS 1:1 Valkyrie – Rankas Birthday! In addition to the Valk, Megumi Nakajima will appear in Ikebukuro at the 1:1 Valk exhibition on April 29 at 12:00 and 16:00 as part of a celebration of the birthday of Macross Frontier’s Ranka Lee. Apart from the Valk, the display will also feature life-sized figures of Minmay, Ranka and Sheryl, a display of the series characters, history and mechanics, an interview with Shoji Kawamori, a cosplay corner and a Nyan Cafe with Macross-themed foods and beverages.

Fans who go to both events as well as 3 other participating stores can take part in a stamp rally which will earn them a special commemorative clear file.

MACROSS: THE MUSICULTURE – ticket prices have been set at 6800yen. The show will run from October 3-8. Tickets will be offered to fan club members from May 18 with public sales starting on August 4.

COSPA 30th ANNIVERSARY MERCHANDISE – Cospa has just announced a range of Macross tshirts and assorted merchandise that will be released for the franchises 30th Anniversary. Details can be found here.