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Wanted: YOU

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Wanted: You :)

Read on.

Hi guys,

Here's the low down: after two years of running an online store, I'm shutting down my business and converting my website into an online journal of anime.

The website is: www.dyrl.pl

Starting January 01 2009, the prices will dissapear, as will all the things that make it a store. The format will, however, remain. In the place of "Product of the Month" will be "Topic of the Month" and the categories will still be anime related, albeit when you click them, you won't see products, you will see articles about anime.

The page heading will change to something along the lines of "Bringing Bunka to a Galaxy Near you" -

Draft Mission Statement

The mission of the website will be the mission of the Megaroad 1. As Captain Global said to Misa Hayese - the Colony Ships are meant to spread human culture throughout the galaxy and save humanity from the fate of the Zendradi. That will be our goal - to spread the ideals of Macross, anime and Otaku culture throughout the galaxy that is the internet.

Dyrl.pl will NOT be a forum. Macrossworld Forum is already an excellent forum, and there are plenty of anime related forums on the internet. It also won't be a database. It will be an online Journal that treats of anime and otaku culture, with a special place for Macross which will be at the heart of its' mission. The Journal WIll be interactive insofar as readers will be invited to comment on particular articles by writing letters to the Editor, and also, we will naturally encourage fans of all anime genre to submit articles.

The Journal will strive to publish the most thoughtful articles on anime and otaku culture possible, and we would like to be an international journal with articles by fans from Europe, Asia, the United States and anywhere else in the world where there is an Otaku, a keyboard, and a plastic doll in a school uniform.


I own the website - therefore I am Administrator.

I will strive to be a fair, inclusive Administrator who hopes to work with people with a passion for anime who are looking to take advantage of the Website to make it their home to spread our common love. I believe in granting people the maximum of artistic and creative freedom because only when they feel that they are fulfilling their own sense of excellence will the Journal as a whole be excellent.


I have asked Gubaba to be Editor in Chief, and he has promised to quit his job, drop everything and slave away at making this the best online Journal possible. kindly told me that he will help out to the extent that his time allows him to.


Below - the initial Categories I have come up with, in no particular order, which will also give people a good idea of what I have in mind for the Journal:

1. Letters to the Editor editor

Outside opinions can be expressed in the form of "Letters to the Editor" - and there will be a category called "Letters to the Editor." When vistors click the "Letters to the Editor" Category, they will see letters from readers. The letters that are published will be the ones that we recieve over email (the website has its' own email address and email host page where people can write to us) and that are deemed quality letters that are worthy of publication and add insight to the Journal as a whole. Assuming anybody ever writes to us - I would like someone to sift through the mail. If we get lots of long letters, pick the best ones for publication. If we get a lot of short commentary - maybe create a composition of short comments - whatever. This actually might not even require any specific person...

2. Topic of the Month YouTube Editor

This is now "product of the month" - it will become topic of the month and will be the feature - different every month, with some nice new picture and a special Youtube video about the topic of the month. Therefore, I need somebody to maybe be in charge of being the YouTube Video Editor - and they will hopefully be able to prepare one new YouTube video per month for the journal to go with our "Topic of the Month." In any case - having some thing interesting on the Youtube video segment of the website would be great. If you are a film buff, know how to upload youtube stuff and have a zillion great ideas - this is a job for you!

3. Galaxy Network Category editor

This will be Gubaba's special category -all for him. He can post whatever he want there. Book reviews, anime reviews, comments about translating anything that you're working on - whatever. He will enjoy 100% creative freedom here.

4. Pimping in Akihabara Category editor

This will HOPEFULLY be Save's category where he can write about otaku culture in Japan as he experiences is. I HOPE he agrees to help - if not him - then I hope SOMEBODY who lives in Japan now and is into Otaku culture will agree to write a column about the up-to-date every day life in Otaku-central.

I know Renato also apparently lives in Japan - and of course I would be delighted if he could also give us some specific articles too. There's not really a limit in terms of how many people can do this. The more the merrier of course.

However - at the very least, I would love Save's permission to use "Pimpin in Akihabara" as the Category Title - and since that would kind of require someone to be...um...pimpin in Akihabara...then it would be nice if Save could write something about his pimpin' life expierience there once in a while.

5. En Francais/Dutch/German/Etc editor

I want to find somebody who will write about anime and its' permutations in France, where Macross is relatively popular, as is St. Seya and other anime as well.

Naturally - if you live anywhere else in Europe - I know we have some members from the Netherlands - that would be cool too. Again - as in the case of the Japan category - it doesn't have to be just one person. But I have a particular keen interest in France since France seems to have a special love of anime...though knowing the French...they won't want to write anything in english :) ...but ...one can dream. Live in Europe? Wanna help? Then help! :)

6. Specific Anime Categories (Macross, NGE, Gurren Lagann etc etce etc) editor-

Ideally, we will get lots of different submissions from time to time to fill these categories up with as many insightful and interesting articles as possible

8. Super Robot Overview editor

This is not in the categories, but it appears here: http://dyrl.pl/oferta.html, and will have the appropriate title "S.R.O" for short so people can find it easily at the top of the page between "FAQ" and "Help." This will be a photographic journal which will sometimes present model/figure/toy reviews, fan comics or whatever other creative form might be concieved. I can do this - but it's also open to submissions. For example - if you're Gunpla nutt and would like to make a photogallery of your experience building a particular model - that would be a great topic. The "Super Robot" part of "Super Robot Overview" shouldn't be seen as refering specifically to 'Super Robots' in contradistinction to Real Robots - but rather I mean "super!" as in "cool" ... unless anybody has a better idea for a title - then please suggest it!

9. USAnime editor

Just like the Japan/Europe category - this category will be dedicated to anime in the United States - how things look, what's happening. Again - there's no set format here. I don't expect you to be an investigative reporter. If you're busy and can only write about sitting in your mom's basement watching a DVD rental of Clash of the Bionoids and lammenting that it's not DYRL - fine. Write that. But try to find diverse subjects to post at least once a month please. And again - doesn't have to just be one person - but ideally it would be nice to have someone who is the editor of this category and commited to managing it.

10. International/Other Suggestions

If you live in a country I have not mentioned and would like to write about the state of anime in your country or if you have a great idea for a category that I haven't thought of - please volunteer it and be the editor for it.


In the words of Borat:

You can come my house in Kazahstan and you can use my sister.

Seriously - that's the best I can do :) If you're ever in Poland and want a place to crash and somebody to go drinking with - consider it done :)

Obviously this will be a labor of love for me - and for anyone else who is willing to help.

If you want to help out - please post here.

I want to get this off the ground in January - the first issue will probably be very not glamorous - but it would be nice to at least have a team of enthusiastic people who want to do some writing and who will see this as a great opportunity to create something that helps spread Bunka throughout the universe!



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Well - I didn't close shop after all :lol:

However - I did open an EnRish Corner on my website www.dyrl.pl, so now it'll function as both a store for people in Poland as well as having a section featuring my horrible photoshoping skills and a really bad story starring SOS-brigade, a plethora of Super Robots and more!

Thanks to the one person who responded to the plea - other than Gubaba - and if you do ever get around to making a good video - I'll be happy to feature it on my website!

As for anybody else - the plea still stands. If you want to write something up, do a review, or have anything remotely interesting to contribute - sound off :)


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Hello. I have my own site, but I'd love to contribute. You can contact me via gmail ghostlightning[at]gmail[dot]com, or via google wave ghostlightning[at]googlewave[dot]com. Just visit my site to see what I've done so far in terms of Macross love, and anime/manga in general.

I have some very specific ideas too, if you're interested; but I'd rather not discuss them here (also I don't get to visit this forum as much as I'd like).

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Thanks! I'll shoot you a PM after checking out your website :)


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