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Meltran Forcess, for MACROSS VOXP

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Hi, universe MACROSS, i'm TequilaMxpx manager of the web MACROSS INTERNATIONAL.


the reason for this post is the recruitment of forces meltran for macross voxp, because many girls have interest in the game and they are joined when having to practice with men, MACROSS INTERNATIONAL, tries with this initiative that the communities grow and are but interesting clearly for the diffusion of the game and so that all have an opportunity to play and to feel within this history that fascinates us to all….the idea is that they practice and they feel comfortable with the game, thus to demonstrate the feminine power and so that not until creating an own swarm….obvious one is going away to create an exclusive servant in HAMACHI for the women whom they love to participate….“It is not a vice but, it is MACROSS”

Network hamachi room:

Net: meltran forcess

password: macrossinternacional

We waited for to all in blog and forum to them of MACROSS INTERNATIONAL, and in addition as always to be thankful to MACROSS WORLD by its permanent aid .....

Greetings to all....

Good luck and good flight.....


http://macrossint.mforo.com ---> Forum

http://voxptorneosmundiales.blogspot.com ---> Blog

P.D. my english is very bad :)

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What happens? in this forum, not have woman?? :lol::wacko:

bye brothers

Only on the weekends do we put wigs and dresses on.

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