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  1. you kid, but that's a real possibility.
  2. as long as people keep buying, NY will continue to buy up all the stock from everywhere else and rip people off.
  3. sorry. they're selling pretty well now there's still some left...
  4. they only sold 1 so far. haha!
  5. Seems like there is a lot less stress here tonight than the Alto preorder night thanks to HLJ. This is good.
  6. so how long after the Alto pre-order went up did Otacute list their stock? Wondering if I should stay up or not
  7. I cry bs on ami ami and hobby search. they both have limit of 1 like HLJ but look how much longer HLJ lasted. Either they secretly selling their stock to someone else or aren't getting much stock.
  8. I actually clicked on the place order button, they said they ran out of stock while they ran my credit card info. F%@^
  9. I still see add to cart. I refuse to give up
  10. NY just took away the 2nd one I ordered so it might be coming back up. unless they save that one for the marked up price. One at the discount rate with the cheapest shipping rate came out to 22,680 yen cant complain though better than nothing.
  11. they told me i cant take 2. 1 should be coming back down the pike soon. Keep that browser refreshing!
  12. 21,000 yen! Yike's. Not gonna complain though, better than not getting it at all. Just hope can get some pre-order in without having to go to the markup route
  13. and just as important, what day do we need to be glued to our computers only to be denied pre-ordering?
  14. My order from amazon japan got delivered to my buddy from Yamato Transport Co. Heh.
  15. Ugh this thing is way too nice! Ordered a second one from amazon japan just now...
  16. Macross: 1/48 tv kakizaki $350. Vf4g lost by a few dollars Non macross: the two Raidens in my avatar. $650 each.
  17. anyone know where I can get the super parts for preorder? I could've sworn I preordered from NY but it doesnt show in my account and now they are sold out?
  18. welcome. hopefully they come through on everyone lucky enough to grab one.
  19. well it came up around midnight Japan time. I guess no one at NY figured anyone would put up pre-orders now so their vultures aren't up to snatch them away
  20. to each his own. not likely you'll get a better price than this though
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