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  1. when is preorder headache/madness/insanity/my life is over day?
  2. Does anyone else keep getting that HLJ sponsored link on facebook that shows the YF-29 with the tag they have over 60,000 items in stock? what a tease!
  3. This is the one I've been waiting for!
  4. maybe to deter people from refreshing their site all day eating up their bandwidth
  5. good job. I had a bunch of stuff running but I had to cut back because I'm camping out for Marvel Legends on amazon they also split chogokin into chogo-kin. Well played HLJ. What if it worked too well and no one found it? fools
  6. peeps such as myself! what was the price?
  7. Ugh! Why did they list it as YF-28?!!!!!!
  8. Thought I had it with the VF-4G, but nope! Every new release I must have and cannot live without.
  9. pikashoo

    Macross figures

    anyone wanna sell or trade me their extra Minmay or Sheryl?
  10. I actually got to click reserve before getting an error.
  11. what if they just start out at the inflated price? that'd suck
  12. I thought I was the only one that had this problem but yes it can get real bad.
  13. I don't have anything against dogs technoblue. I think its my fault for not explaining things well enough. We aren't talking about dogs assisted by AI and advanced technology we have today or in the future. The argument was a dog flying those WWI era prop planes like in UP from start to finish. With the dogs handling the plane with steering wheels shaped like a bone and dogfighting (heh) like they did in the movie. I'll admit that with advances in AI, drones, and the like its probably more likely and useful to humanity for a dog to sit in a plane and fly it. But we're talking about a plane
  14. Thanks for everyone who responded. My real goal was to see what the physics are that make a valk impossible right now. I think I have a better idea now. I still think the dog flying planes is absolutely ridiculous. Again most people seem to say that there is no need or demand for a transforming plane. I understand the need for a transforming giant robot plane does not exist and more likely never will. That's not the question. But anyway the only "proof" anyone posted supporting the dogs theory is that one poster said his dog figured out to unlatch doors and that video of the driving dog
  15. I know it doesnt make sense to build a jet that transforms into a robot for money and tactical reasons, I'm just wondering what the physics involved are that would make it possible/impossible. you know not SHOULD we build one, but COULD we?
  16. So I have this long running debate with my friend. I was talking about how I gave up on UP! when the dogs starting flying those planes, and he said that I watch a show where jets turn into robots, so what is wrong with a dog flying a plane. Anyway our big discussion is on what is more likely to become reality in the future, a jet that can turn into a robot or a dog that can fly a plane. So I guess my question is since I am not an engineer, is what is preventing us from actually making a jet that turns into a robot?
  17. For Sale!!! 1/48 TV Max $280 Complete and come with original box. Displayed briefly. Max only transformed twice Max comes with the Zentradi costume by Al Bundy and the 2 Macross Chronicles magazines. 1/60 Macross Frontier Renewals all MISB: VF-27 and Super Parts $200 RVF-25 $150 box has hole in the back. otherwise sealed VF-25F loose $190 shipped VF-25F $200 VF-25S Super Parts opened $110 Looking for: 1/3000 SDF-1
  18. so are these prices the lowest it will get for this sale or does HLJ go lower as the days go past?
  19. got my preparation in progress email for the VF-25G and RVF-25 parts I ordered together!
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