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  1. Finally done with the Gnerl lineart. Here we have both clean and command versions of the craft. Note i took some liberties with the landing gear as the original lineart didn't have much detail to work it.
  2. Ever wondered how big a Gnerl is ? Here's a composition i made using Talos' scale chart (Bless his good heart for letting me use it ) As you can see, it's huge.
  3. While Talos was working on the pods i've been busy as well. Some projects reaching fruition are the Gnerl and this odd looking craft below.
  4. http://yaplog.jp/ammo/archive/321 Found one in the F-22 style low vis camo.
  5. I haven't been here for awhile and look at all the new profiles! For those looking for some inspiration, look no further than this thread: http://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=65360&st=0 Later
  6. It IS a flying coffin. With the new scale there isn't much space for life support equipment much less an escape module. Looks like someone's been busy Nice assortment of variants coming up.
  7. Little update on the SF-3A after discussing the size issue with Talos earlier based on figures we found in Sky Angels VF-1(non-canon that time) and Macross Chronicles, i have adjusted the SF-3 to 13.2 metres making it a full meter shorter than the standard VF-1 fighter. The original 1/72 resin kit (and/or the recast of it) was a little too big for that scale which i based my original measurements on.
  8. Wow, going pro now Damian ? Good job on that VF-1. The shading is flawless.
  9. Very nice work, Damian Your skill is improving rapidly with each profile.
  10. Progress, mostly the tiny details now. EDIT: Finally done. Here an older version just for size comparisons.
  11. That's odd, it works just fine when i tried it on different PCs. I 've made some minor changes to the fuselage, adding a boarding door, tweaking some parts here and there.
  12. I've been in tweaking mode as well. CLICK HERE
  13. Finally got some updates done on my EC-33B. The windshield and wings could still use some tweaking. Once that is out of the way i can start adding details for the wings and rotordome.
  14. This one is rather rough. I had to guesstimate the proportions somewhat. Estimated fuselage length is ~82 meters/270 feet.
  15. Thanks. Here is another one i have in the drawing board. There are some details i need to sort out first. Macross planes have very odd shapes and this one is no exception
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