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  1. At least they are nowhere as bad as Jessica "Layers, upon layers of facial make up" Chobot. Dunno whats up with their infatuation with her, she is neither good looking or intelligent
  2. Escaflowne was featured in Super Robot Wars Compat 3 for the Wonderswam. If you look up SRW@2 or 3 on gamesfaq, theres a Robot Series faq that lists every series to ever be featured in the games.
  3. Actually, a little G Gundam action is okay. Graham and I were talking about the feathered monstrousity that is Wing Zero Custom. 389737[/snapback] Its not that bad, really. Its actually quit useful once you evolve it to no limiter Wing Zero. But again, like the G Gundam there's a single mission for it, and you can ignore it completly.... I did. =/ 389772[/snapback] Evolve? My mecha evolve? How do I go about that? Sounds like it might be useful, since I'm stuck on a mission. Let's see... it's the second mission where you have multiple ground targets to take out, all while some cannon is sometimes shooting you from off screen. I've gotten plenty good at ducking into the canyon to avoid the shots, but I ran out of time before I could eliminate all the targets. 389877[/snapback] Yes, certain mecha will evolve, the Gunark, Wind Zero and Bilbine are the ones I can think off the top of my head. All you have to do is keep upgrading and using them till you can buy the last upgrade on the list (usually the most expensive). If you don't have the points to do it just play Free Mission till you do. There are 2 sets of mission like that, one from Dragonar and one from Nadesico. As for that mission, I remember both of them. The first one I didn't destroy all the targets and still passed, the second one I just rushed towards the cannon thingy. My suggestion is to choose a mech with strong armor (or upgrade the armor) and ignore the blasts all together. On the first mission, the Sandrock Kai did a good job at taking the shots and lasting till the end of the mission.
  4. Actually, a little G Gundam action is okay. Graham and I were talking about the feathered monstrousity that is Wing Zero Custom. 389737[/snapback] Its not that bad, really. Its actually quit useful once you evolve it to no limiter Wing Zero. But again, like the G Gundam there's a single mission for it, and you can ignore it completly.... I did. =/
  5. I beat the game on saturday using Stardust Memory as the main story, and the Macross mechs don't show up untill the last stretch of the story (Max and Roy pop first, with Hikaru popping later on), with the last 3 missions being the Bodolza fight from DYRL. The VF1s are quit good, certainly in the top 5 mechs in this game (as far as use goes, they only lose to the evolved Gun Ark and the Nu Gundam), imo. The VFs do not control like fighters, nor does the game play like a sim. The fighter mode is mostly used as a quick interceptor in missions where you have to kill certain things before they leave the area. The Macross BGMs are a bit disapointing, btw. IMO, the Macross bits play alot better then the Macross game released 2 years ago, and its worth it just to see the Macross transforming in real time in the middle of a mission. As for the turkey Gundam, you are just being picky considering out of 60 something levels (counting operations and missions), you only have a single GGundam centric mission and its the detroy the Devil Gundam mission. You don't ever need to look at it, you can totally ignore him. Domon doesn't even have that many lines in the game. The AI does get alot better later on. The first 10 missions I didn't drop HP lowert then 9000, but in the last few missions my HP was always lower then 5000. The enemies get smarter and alot stronger as well. As for the menus, alot of trial and error helps, and all that stuff you choose before you start the game are the control methods. There is an on screen graphic representing each method so it doesn't take a Harvard grad to figure them out. And I've been told the shows you pick at the start represent different missions you get throughut the game, haven't gone through the game a second time so I can't confirm. I was surprised by the game, I was expecting slow crap like the Armored core series but it turned out to be fast and fun. It has its problems, but its a really good game, certainly on the level of Mobile Suit Gundam: the One Year War for the PS2 (the very best Gundam game ever made). The biggest gripe I have with the game (this applies to the other Macross game) is how everything is totally out of proportion. While the robots reflect their sizes the ships are way too small. The macross is way too tiny (not as tiny as the one in the Macross game or as ugly). The name of the intro song is "Glorious" and the name of the ending song is "Precious Place" both sung by Rina Aiuchi, who also did the themes for the first ACE game. EDIT: the game came with a DVD, I'm guessing some sort of making off, but my JP PS2 can't play it... anyone know what region it is?
  6. BTW, not even gonna bother with the relationships that form in that game, and how some of them end... because its just plain pathetic.
  7. Someone defending FFXI? Oh boy, this one was too hard to miss. FFXI is quite possibly the worst game ever to be released. I've made it to 75 4 times, on whm, smn, war and blm, over the course of 2 years, so don't give me the "but you didn't play it enough" BS excuse if anyone doesn't like my post. FFXI had alot of potential, but bad management killed it. SE sucks at running that game in every concievable way. How can anyone say FFXI is good when you spend 90% of the time outside the game? I guess I'm the one only who was bothered by the constant DDoS attacks? By the 48 hour maintenences that fixed jackshit. Or how about the updates that didn't fix any problems just added more to the bunch and tried to hide the old ones. Or how about the gilfarming that goes rampant in every single server? How their promises to deal with it have resulted in nothing. You don't even need to see a gilfarmer camping a NM endlessly to know they are bots. The GMs won't do anything about it, even when gilfarmers kill honest players trying to make money, get an item, or even xp. How about how SE ends up killing jobs for the sake of balancing? They destroyed the ranger job as the top damage dealer. I used to static with a rng, and she would always outdamage me, but after the update, dragoons would outdmg her with ease, and this is someone with top gear (she even had an Ebow). Then they go and make ninjas pretty much useless for anything. Good ninjas have a hard time holding hate, bad ninjas aren't tanks at all. And all this for what? Because rngs were making pts with just rngs or filling all the spots in a normal xp party. How come blms can still have their mana burn pts? Why not just get rid of the dragoon job for being just plain useless? FFXI's story is a joke. While Zilart had a mildly entertaining story with some fun battles, Chains of Promathia blew. The story might have been nice, but traveling through the capped zones was a hassle. I got Sea, and it wasn't worth the trouble, it was just another sky like area, and xp place for blms only. Now, not only was xping absurd, SE made it particularly painful to level. How? Starting in the 40s, you have only 2 to 3 different place to xp at, which means crowded places to xp. Add that to the fact that you xp on the same exact mobs till level 75. remember those blue crabs? You will be fighting them for over 20 levels. The crawlers? 15 levels. Flies and Lizzies you despised in Valkurm? Yup, they will be there too. They didn't even bother adding new skins so the mobs would look different. There's no diversification at all in this game. They could've added some fun areas with the expansion, but they made it impossible to camp in them, and they capped them to boot... great. Their excuse for the bland mobs? PS2 can't handle it. Bullshit! I've seen PS2 games with far more diversity then FFXI. Then there's the cheaters. People who use hacks, bots and buy gil, farting up the economy and farting you up at NM camps you waited hours to claim. Add all this, to the bad community. I swear, FFXI is the meeting place for countless of low lives, no job, freaks. I was in a HNM LS, and those people were on 24/7, and they would yell at you if you had to go to work and would miss a scheduled HNM pop (those things popped once every 24 hours, in 4 1 hour windows). I had this one guy in my LS get kicked out of it because he rather spend time with his girlfriend then be online. And this other guy who passed on spending time with his girlfriend to be at a HNM camp. They camped that poo every farting day! And it wasn't just my LS, all other LSs did the same. If you had a long time friend join a LS other then yours, your friendship was pretty much dead. If he didn't act like an a-hole right away, his LS would force him to. FFXI end game was a complete waste of time.Also, I'm gonna go on a limb and say this.... Japanese players suck, they are a-holes for no reason, and they rarely have the skills to back it up. I swear, some of those people will literally commit suicide when SE decides to close all servers, mark my words. SE is a lazy developer, and they ran the game to the ground, they are just lucky that idiots will still play the game no matter what gets thrown at them. What's next from SE? An expansion! With a new job... how about fixing the ones already in the game, you bum farts! Only thing FFXI had going was the good looks. Everything looked great, even if they didn't look as good in motion. Won't comment on WoW since I haven't played it at all.
  8. I'm replaying through Alpha now... and I'm cracking myself up when the Combattler V team starts getting depressed because they can't switch machines like Gundam pilots (this while Kou and Monsha argue who gets to pilot the GP01), and Boss tells them they can be his copilots and they tell him to just get cats like MAsaki LOL
  9. Yes, the GC has a free region disk for very cheap, I also heard actually modding the system is pretty damn easy (I bought one already modded) One thing I seriously love about SRW Alpha for the DC, the song Do you Remember Love is actually vocal instead of MIDI like in the PSX version I think the SRW series is worth if simply for the many different exchanges from characters from different shows. Its so funny how they even comment about similar voices (since mosr Robot animes use the same pool of 10 different VAs lol) like in SRW Alpha between Chris from 0080 and some other character who is also voiced by Hayashibara Megumi lol
  10. What about when Isamu and Roy first meet and Isamu starts making fun of him lol
  11. No one knows the name of the theme song? ; ;
  12. NCSX.com has them too. I dunno how the pricing compares, though. As a general rule import games cost more. The japanese just plain pay more for everything than we do. Try lik-sang too.... their import prices go from $54 to $64 and they have pretty speedy delivery. The only problem is that they are from HK so the shipping prices can kill a man. And I second NCSX.... great place, fast shipping.
  13. 1) These games are strategy games. They play like a chess game with RPG elements. Whenever you are in range of an enemy you can pick a different attack and watch a little animation of your unit performing the attack and the enemy counterattacking. 2) Its not like smash bros. its one huge story that mixes all the robots in it. 3)Without any knowledge of japanese.... its pretty easy. There are plenty of translation guides on the internet, be for attacks, spirits and story, since these games are pretty damn popular. 4) DC only has SRW Alpha available. The PSX is pretty damn easy to run import games and it has a bunch. The Gamecube can run imports pretty painlessly too and it has its own SRW game. 5) Yes theres quite alot of difference. The roster is different, sometimes the battle systems can differ quite alot (SRW Alpha introduced the platoon system, while SRW GC introduced the destructable body parts system, and so on). The story can differ quite alot since its usually based on the roster.
  14. God damn that movie was awsome O.o I love how bouncy all the female characters are now LOL I'm really impressed at the animation quality on those moves, they seriously took the high quality animation from Gaiden to a seriously new level. And how some attacks mimic their respective animes is really cool. Now... can someone possibly tell me the name of the song that plays in the end of the movie? That song is soooo awsome >.< BTW, I don't think those are all ultimate moves, I think they are just meant to show off the animation. If I remember well, VF19 ultimate move was a high powered Pin point barrier punch not a simple run and gun (that was another move though). EDIT: whats the deal with the hybrid units? Theres an enemy unit that looks like a Psybuster and one that looks like a Turn A Gundam after a car crash
  15. Honestly, she hasn't posted in forever and suddenly comes back to say "damn, you guys suck and I'm too good for this place" and you want me to get down and kiss her feet? Sorry, if she's going to be judging the merit of Macross World on one dude's very long and inane post that no one actually read (I certainly didn't) then what do you expect me to do? For a last post, I'm going to say this... You know something, I left MW because it was in a really shitty situation with RT trolls running loose, and completly brain dead topics. What do I find? The trolls are gone (MG is just pathetic), but now it seems that everyone is all about the jail bait, and every discussion ends up with some sort of idiot member talking about their imaginary conquests, that degrade women in one way or another. Have MW members really reached this low? Have they been cooked up in their basements for so long they can't even distinguish whats real from whats in their minds? I'm sorry, but the time for sugar coating is long gone. I liked MW, and Í feel I'm entitled to voicing my opinion over your freak losers, seriously. You want to bother someone? Why not bother Mr. Nanashi who comes back and revives a thread with random jail bait pictures of an underage anime character, that causes members to brag about similar porn collections and idiots to talk about imaginary conquests and their skewed view of females who don't fall all over their pathetic toy collection. As for you Yellowlightman... you are a retarded dumbass. You haven't realized that this lurker jackass is not the only one who does it. And with that I say good bye.
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