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  1. Macross , a la "Five Star Stories" style.
  2. Valkyrie, a la "Five Star Stories" style
  3. Hi!, long time no post in the forums... been busy with real life and other projects... Here's some nice stuff I found while surfing the net... enjoy. These pics are drawings of Pinky figures with macross dresses... I would love to see them released...
  4. Hi, I'm working in a sort of flight simulator a la "ace combat", but I'm having some troubles making the planes easy to pilot and still look minimally realistic. Since I've noticed here there's a lot of people that has lots of knowledge about real airplanes, I thought this would be a good place to ask... talking about modern fighters (none in particular, all averages) which is the usual speed at which fighters usually fly, in a CLOSE dogfight? when over Mach 1, it is easy for a fighter to change direction easily? or it must do it very very slowly, almost in a stright line? when a fighter is flying in a straight line, lets say at 800km/h , and suddenly does a hard change of direction, like 90 degrees, how much percentage of speed loses? below mach 1, fighters can change direction at the same pace, regardless the speed they fly?, or the faster it flies, it is harder to change direction?. that's all, hope someone can answer this
  5. http://www.robotech.com/store/viewproductpreord.php?id=205
  6. vicviper

    vf2ss wip

    This valk is half modeled, half textured, but it is already 1500 polys... and it's not being rendered alone. Also, rendering at 60fps is not easy
  7. vicviper

    vf2ss wip

    thats a shot of one of the little projects I've been working lately. it's in a very early development, and developed at snail speed. if someone wants to help, bring me your 3d models!
  8. here's the top view... it's only half the resolution of the original file I scanned... but the original one was way too big to post here.... enjoy!
  9. I hope this set of pics will help 3d artists begin looking at the VF zero... I will be posting more images in the next days, because I don't want to hammer Shawn's server too much. Btw, I tried to scan the images to be "Axis Aligned", so they can be used as a background in 3d editor layouts. Pd. if someone wants to outline these images, in order to use it in color scheme pics, please, don't change the image size! regards!
  10. that's the point... the VF2ss has a very atmospheric design... I'm beginning to think that the only weaponry without SAP is the head mounted cannons... or maybe a different SAP version for atmospheric flight we have never seen (could it be fan to try to design one) thanks all for the info
  11. when in atmospheric flight (no fast pack), were are placed the gunpods of the VF2SS ? how works the mechanism that moves the legs pivot from fighter to gerwalk to robot? more magic swing bars? I remember there were some sites arround with info about the 2ss ... any links? tnx!
  12. both were big west licenses, respecting original names and songs
  13. there are at least TWO official DYRL editions dubbed in spanish: One done in 1988 in Spain, direct for video, by the currently deceased Chiqui Video Publishing, uncensored and with very good subbing. This one was released only for VHS rental, and it is totally unavailiable now DYRL was also broadcasted two years ago in the pay per view channel "Locomotion" (a cartoons channel), at the time DYRL was broadcasted, Locomotion channel was availiable in Spain, Mexico, and I think some other countries in South America. I had the channel at the time, and I can confirm DYRL was broadcasted no less than 5 times, but with annoying tv spot cuts every 15 minutes. also, the edition of Locomotion channel includes the new DYRL flashback ending concert. I don't know if this version is availiable in south america in DVD format... here in Spain certainly it is not. Also, as far as I know, the owners of Locomotion Channel have the central in Miami, so there's a chance some in the area could be able to catch it. This recent edition of dyrl is totally unrelated to the first one done in 1988, but both have good dubbings and are totally uncensored. (I'm amazed to see how much controversy has created Janet Jackson in that superbowl thing just by showing a tit, and we spaniards are used to see them every now and then in cartoon channels without anybody arguing! )
  14. Man that is looking sweet...I live the design of the VF-2SS. One question: Is this model intended for a flight sim mod? It looks to be fairly low poly, but captures the look of the mecha quite well. Looking forward to seeing this finished. yes, I do all my models with low polygon count so they can be used in flight sims eventually.
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