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  1. So, semi related tangent... I watched frontier a while ago I didn’t actually get around to watching the false songstress and wings of goodbye until now. But had to see them before my 29 arrived. Anyway, I love Isamu and knew because of the DX figure he would make an appearance, but WTF! Talk about a “Blink and you’ll miss it” cameo. That was under 3 seconds! I had to rewind to take a screenshot. Since Bandai made a figure of this, they better give us a DX cannon fodder and a DX VT-1 someday, cause those both have 500 times the screen time this did
  2. Wait there was a Radioactive Man Arcade Game?!? I played the $#!T out of The Simpsons arcade game and even beat it once when I was 11 (with the help of my brother and a roll of quarters) but I have never seen a Radioactive Man game. Tell me more!
  3. What's with the alternate hair? just headset/no headset?
  4. I have never had an issue with this, maybe try re-extending the leg, then re-collapsing it? Then just gently guide it in. I wouldn't be too worried, that's a pretty beefy tab!
  5. Huh, I didn't find that to be the case with mine. Production issues? Anyway, I think it's funny how no two "1/48" pilots are the same size. Spike in a slim-fitting two piece suit is way bigger than a 1/48 DX figure in a bulky space suit. Maybe Yamato got the scale right and Bandai whiffed it? Don't have a Yammie to compare to Spike but looks a bit closer at least...
  6. For my first non-Macross thing since the pandemic started I got a 1/48 weathered Swordfish II to go with all my weathered 1/48 DX Valks Wasn’t cheap, but I would buy a 1/48 Redtail for the same price if they ever made one.
  7. Speaking of outfits, I wonder if I could find someone on etsy to make a Zentradi uniform for my Max 1A, would be great to have it with small wires so it can billow out behind him for this pose. Apparently it has been done for the 1/60
  8. Oh man, well that beats my project to do the same by a good 2-3 months. This guy did a solid job on it! Seeing it though, I like leaving the kites but I don't think I wanna leave the 001. Also, I feel like it would look better with the blast shield, perhaps with an autobot logo where the skull used to be. Best thing about seeing this is it really answers a question in my mind about if all the little "no step" etc. decals would be a distraction on a transformer, and I think the answer to that question is no.
  9. Yeah, I just got my first thing from Mandarake (not even a Valk) since May and it seems like their DHL rates have definitely gone up since then it is what it is I guess...
  10. By the looks of it, the plate appears to be attached via a single screw. It also appears to be that way in the LEK video (6:19 mark). Are people saying the plate itself differs between 1S and 1A?
  11. Hope he also made a green 1J, or that is an EXPENSIVE non-cannon Hikaru
  12. Hey @RIBFIR ! Wanna show him what a real DX Max 1S looks like? (I am getting mine with weathering next week) And yes sqidd we will DXify your shelf soon
  13. Yeah, their Voltron is so good I would recommend it to anyone who ever even once caught half an episode of any Voltron series.
  14. Decent used 1J 34,000 https://order.mandarake.co.jp/order/detailPage/item?itemCode=1149274892&lang=en&ref=mail
  15. I mean the piece on the back of the leg and the arm armor are the same blue-gray. My bet would be on just a different booster design with removable covers.
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