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  1. I mean yeah, the buy it now price seems to be above 49,000, would be interesting to see where the actual auctions close at, but they now start at 38,000, which is above where they often ended.
  2. So is 42,000 + shipping just the price for 1Js these days? (2000 less if it's an open box) Mandarake has a few in stock, and they are about 10,000 more on yahoo auctions When I was finding them at auction for 30,000 (perfect condition open box) 34,000 MISB this past spring/summer I should have just hoarded a few https://order.mandarake.co.jp/order/detailPage/item?itemCode=1133804736&lang=en
  3. Your memory is correct. A strike max would not be canon (despite having a big-ass cannon). There are a number of custom DX Max 1S (repainted Hikaru 1S) running around, some with weathering even, and yeah, I might throw some SSP on mine just for fun
  4. Don't feel bad, it was gone the second after it was posted
  5. I unexpectedly had an order that I thought the seller had long-ago backed out of arrive. So I have an extra TV Roy available for my straight-up cost of $309 shipped DHL (to anywhere in the US, but other countries should be about the same) or $279 by slow boat (takes 2 months). If you are interested, PM me!
  6. I can bring along one to show you in person if you like when I hand you your 1D
  7. I didn’t make this meme, but it’s too funny not to share
  8. I made a weathered DX Max. I was gonna do the black DX roundels if I non-canonically posed it with the SSP just so the numbers would match.
  9. I politely beg to differ on the color. I like the color suggested by the Hasegawa model painting instructions that we did the DYRL Roy customs in, I would call it a “caution yellow” like an old road sign or construction equipment. I would call the DX TV Roy a “lemon yellow”, which isn’t bad but not as close to what we see on screen IMO. Here are the two side by side for comparison.
  10. Looking for an opinion on my next non-macross purchase to stand alongside my weathered 1/48 DXs. A professionally painted 1/48 gundam model, going for a more "realistic" color scheme. Obviously I would rather have a red Zaku, but what are everyone's thoughts on this? I only have a few hours to decide too before the auction ends... Thanks for the feedback!!
  11. I figured out the the right fonts for name and rank so if you don't like whatever comes on it you could pay Anasazi to work you up some PVT Gomer Pyle, COL Harland Sanders or MAJ Roy Mustang if you really want to make some continuity errors
  12. Let me play devil's advocate and say that if you made under $60,000 (and are a US taxpayer) you are about to get $600, so you could easily buy two of them. I am not saying that you should, but hey, you could...
  13. I will appear out of nowhere for the first time in a month to say that Zen Market and From Japan failed me as well. We are in good company!
  14. Oh man! Well I did insure it and require signature verification to make sure it wasn’t stolen. I hope it arrives though! I am sure you would prefer the Max to a refund
  15. So I recently bet a TON of money on sure things on Predict it, i.e. Dems win California, Washington, Oregon etc. + T loses at least one state he won in 2016, T loses the popular vote etc. The return on each was low, but it adds up. Now I have enough money to buy the 1-D( which was actually my secret #2 hope for this VF-1 release after Max and Milia 1Js) and buy the GBP Hikaru and Roy (not feeling the GBP Max, at least not without Milia). Hooray for everyone on there who made silly long shot bets in the other direction If there had been a "black swan" event and I had lost even one of the bets
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