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  1. I'm actually interested in a kite decal for the car.
  3. Holy crap. Was actually able to get one. Thank you so much!
  4. Thanks. It was my VPN.
  5. can anyone access flying mule's website? https://www.flyingmule.com/ I havent been able to get in since last week
  6. He's gonna have a huge backlog to go through once he's back
  7. I pre-order my SSP from them. No complaints.
  8. That's pretty awful.
  9. My SSP mailed by registered mail is finally getting movement close to 2 months later. Guess things are starting to pick up
  10. Seeing if someone got any extra Yeti extra stand or banking adapter for Bandai DX they are willing to part. Please let me know. Thanks.
  11. fyi. Amazon JP has the SSP for 12238yen shipped. Only 4 left as of this post Link
  12. Sweet job. Did you use any sealer of any sort ?
  13. Stealth and low vis are listed on flying mule. They also have a 20% off pre order coupon.
  14. Got shipping confirmation for the SSP I preordered from MyKombini. They upgraded me to Fedex but had to pay a difference. Ended costing the same as my Amazon order which I didnt preorder and got faster.
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