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  1. Thanks, but that's what I've been doing for a full half hour but there is no significant progress; I still have less than 90° of movement on both arms...
  2. I received mine yesterday and it's a beautiful toy. But I have one issue though, as others have had: the shoulder rotation (to lift the arm) is completely stuck on both arms. Does anyone have a good method to free that joint? I'm really afraid to break it so I'm looking for the correct method to do it. And since I'm not exactly sure which parts have to rotate, if you have pictures to illustrate, it would be awesome!
  3. I also paid my shipping with From Japan this morning. Seeing Tekering's pictures, I'm very disapointed with the panel lining: it is gross! Couldn't they clean it up?
  4. I also chose slow shipping for several reasons. First, let's be honest, I'm cheap. Then I'm never in a rush to get my toys. And most important, from my experience, in France if you use any kind of express shipping, you'll end up paying custom fees. Whereas using slow shipping options, I avoided those custom fees 95% of the time.
  5. Am I the only one who's received an in stock notification for Arcadia's Proto Garland (from Anime Export)? It should be on its way to me very soon!
  6. Thank you for your answer. I was hoping maybe someone on these boards would be able to print waterslide decals.
  7. Hello, Does anyone know if waterslide decals for the SV-51 can be found somewhere. I am trying to add details to the toy but I don't want to use the sticker sheet provided. The other possibily would be to print waterslide decals using a scan of the sticker sheet, so if somebody here can do it or knows someone who can, I'm all ears, thanks!
  8. Don't shop there. Pre-ordered a DX VF-1A there and never received it. A few days after release I asked the seller when he would ship and he said to be patient. My Patience lasted for 2 weeks before I opened a Paypal case after the seller stopped communicating. I got my money back and finally found the VF-1A almost at retail price elsewhere. Surprised to see this "webstore" still exists...
  9. Also, legs and arms and fins etc...are blue and white, so whichever plastic color they choose, these parts will have to be painted, or am I missing something?
  10. Thanks for your answer. I guess I was expecting a magical solution...So out comes the masking tape!
  11. Thanks. So he is in Japan apparently.
  12. On his Ebay account, where was he located? China or Japan?
  13. I ordered the VF-1A through a website: japanexclusive.onck.net, I suppose it's the same seller I emailed him a first time on 9/19, having no news from him and item being released. He answered on 9/23, telling me to wait 48 hours after confirmation. I emailed him back asking him what confirmation he was talking about. No news. I waited 5 days to email him back telling him I was beginning to worry. He answered saying that the item would be shipped on 10/15. So, I must say I'm not very confident on this one. I am used to chinese sellers going rogue on ebay (I mostly buy 3rd party Transformers), but this is new to me. The thing is I paid with Paypal, and since we have 180 days to file a claim (I purchased the toy in june), I should be refunded. But I'm afraid that if he doesn't ship my toy, and I want to buy another one elsewhere, prices will come up significantly. People will tell me to secure another one while prices are still reasonable, but I can't afford it...
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