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  1. Thanks @Lolicon!
  2. Anyone know which hasegawa 1/48 decal set was used for the custom cockpit sticker posted a while back? I cannot find it on eBay. Did see a 1/96 with similar picture but it’s super blurry.
  3. Thank you! Still waiting on nin-nin (hasn’t shipped). Mykombini should be here soon.
  4. @sqidd can I ask what yeti stand setup you have for the Dx vf-1s? I never bit the bullet because I couldn’t tell what to order.
  5. It says don’t touch but you really should’ve, at least to adjust the right arm/shoulder that they didn’t even bother sliding up to match the left. The gerwalk pose/angle leaves much to be desired.
  6. @peter nice pics. I like the outside open cockpit ones. Wish there were pistols for some center axis relock posing action ala Splinter Cell/Solid-Snake. On other note, AJ’s sellers are not selling lower this time, like the one I bought Max from. Still hopeful for AJ direct though.
  7. Nice @Lolicon getting deals the old school way. It’s like Black Friday when one needed to actually hit the streets and hunt in person.
  8. Nin-nin said they’ll receive their stock next week. Waiting on mykombini. Why do these two sites look so similar? Sister sites? Common merchant template/website design?
  9. Lol me too. They pocketed our valk money!
  10. Hmmm mykombini is down...
  11. Yeah I thought so. Just didn’t know what the official street date was, as mykombini seemed earlier than everyone else. Hope it works out! Came to about the same price as getting it from HLJ. Nothing compared to AJ though... still waiting on the one from Nin-nin.
  12. I think Amazon says the 11-23 and so mykombini is charging a couple days before?
  13. Mykombini listing 11-17-2019 for vf-1s
  14. @peter aww yeah big robots with humanoid special forces rifle poses. Waiting for kombini to ping me to finally pay for the 1S.
  15. Very nice mimic of that scene. I love rifle holding poses. Arms tucked in nice and close. Wish we could bring it up straight out from the chest with the stock against the chest like modern rifle holding stance, holding it up to eyes, but eh it’s a giant robot, it doesn’t need to look down sights.
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