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  1. 1/72 GM-01 Wolverine

    @Grayson72 Sure. What size do you want?
  2. Legios Upgrade kits

    I have been working on some parts for the Toynami Alpha/Legios: new hands, a combat knife (my tribute to macross frontier) with a storage sheath, a better scaled cyclone packed:
  3. 1/72 GM-01 Wolverine

    @MechTech Thanks. I use solidwor ks. Here are some pics of the printed version. now to work on the transformable
  4. M Frontier: Mobile Soldier Vajra

    Amazing work....hey if you need SLA 3D printing services let me know I can get you a good deal. I have a formlabs form 2
  5. 1/72 GM-01 Wolverine

    I am excited for this little project. I am making a 1/72 transformeable/ poseable wolverines. I hope I can get some kits going by february if not sooner. Also got couple more of the same series coming.
  6. Mospeada and Southern cross modeled stuff

    @Convectuoso It is the Toynami Masterpiece Alpha
  7. WMDs

    "I have seen this weapon before. The Humans cannot possibly understand its destructive power." - Regess to Ariel. 20170716_143411.mp4
  8. Mospeada and Southern cross modeled stuff

    @Convectuoso yes. I modeled it and 3d printed it on a prusa i3
  9. Mospeada and Southern cross modeled stuff

    @latherboy I made the Gallant from scratch in solidworks. I uploaded the wolff pistol files to thingiverse search for carlosap. Also posted the helmet
  10. homemade extendable GU-11 gunpod kit

    It is extendable. Also I am working it so you can put in a nerf airsoft mechanism inside
  11. 1/2200 Zentraedi Cruiser Salan Scout

    Mine was 3D printed :-) so I don't have a build log. I don't have your awesome skills for a scratch build, but I can model using Solidworks. The scale is close to 1/5000 but I can scale it to any size. Lets do it! lets make the whole Zentraedi fleet ships.
  12. Zentradi Cruiser 3D print

    Just leaving this out there. Was modeled by Norman: https://www.myminifactory.com/object/zentradi-ship-33002 it prints nice, but the model has a lot of disconnected surfaces. it measures 33 inches long by 3ish wide
  13. Just working on some of my favorite things of macross, mospeada and southerncross. here is a video of the gallant and how it assembles:
  14. 1/2200 Zentraedi Cruiser Salan Scout

    So amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!! here is what I am working on. hopefully I can get it done this weekend. we should exchange models so we can build our Zentradi fleet
  15. Let me share this work in progress; This is a homemade kit for making a GU11 on the cheap side. The long pipe is a 4" AbS stock in any hardware store.