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  1. FWIW - I was just googling the Metal Robot Damashii Barbatos Rex and found that the crunchyroll store is selling it for anyone that hasn't gotten a figure. https://store.crunchyroll.com/products/mobile-suit-gundam-iron-blooded-orphans-gundam-barbatos-lupus-rex-bandai-metal-robot-spirits
  2. thanks! that's not too bad. scalping has gone pretty wild with this stuff though. that's a pretty big bummer.
  3. man what a wild night. curious what was the price being offered over at kuramatoys? cant even get the link up. hoping to score one for november.
  4. so pumped and ready for this!!!
  5. Hi folks, Looking to downsize my collection and clean up the space in my home. I haven't sold much before on this site, but have bought multiple figures in the past couple years. Pictures will be up tomorrow. Open to offers, especially if they're in the NYC area. Picture Album here: https://imgur.com/a/6ldOEMq 1/60 Figures Arcadia 1/60 VF-1S Roy Focker Special with Strike parts Condition: MISB, Box has minor shelf wear Price: $220 + Shipping Bandai DX Chogokin YF-29 30th Anniversary Edition Condition: Used, Head laser little bent, very minor
  6. So did nin-nin games and bandaionline.com/kuramashop already sell out? i didnt even see any price changes there. maybe there's still hope there
  7. lol i made it all the way to confirmation on ny and i get the sold out popup
  8. HLJ has it up as Order Stop now
  9. Got one at Ami Ami as well! Refresh if you can't see it.
  10. can we just take a moment to appreciate how many of us are up late at night in US for this? hahahaha. the camaraderie is amazing.
  11. yea great point - i assume they also want to make sure people won't tap out with their wallets too quickly on the popular models.
  12. oh man. i'm pumped right now! i haven't done any pre-order madness in awhile. will be really interested to see what happens tonight
  13. oh word. i tried for the 00 seven/g and they let it stay open for like 6 months haha. it was more of a just a heads up like you mentioned. i'm in the same mind as you though, either scenario is win win to me.
  14. mzhao3

    WTB: DX vf-171ex

    I have one available if you're interested.
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