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  1. Just paid shipping for my TV parts through my proxy service. Status: Awaiting pickup by DHL 3x TV parts + shipping = 31,388 total
  2. Friend of mine just got their shipping confirmation & tracking from Nin nin as well
  3. Ami Ami just sent me a request for payment
  4. Exactly. Plenty of members here were able to snatch up a VF-1S hikky at decent prices at actual release. On another note, it's pretty interesting that Nin-nin pulled an NY during this preorder madness as in incrementally jacking up the price whereas NY didn't even bother and just made the jump straight up to 35000 Y.
  5. Kuramatoys has TV super parts up: $119.90 USD https://www.kuramatoys.com/dx-chogokin-super-parts-set-for-tv-edition-vf-1/ Anime Export TV super parts available again: 10,800 Y http://www.anime-export.com/product/48181
  6. Thanks, just updated post and added TV parts link for NYP
  7. Updated links for VF-1S Roy & TV Super Parts as of 7/6/2020 9AM ET VF-1S Roy: 31,490 - https://www.nin-nin-game.com/en/japanese-import-bandai-dx-chogokin/37995-dx-chogokin-macross-vf-1s-valkyrie-roy-focker-special.html SOLD OUT - https://www.nippon-yasan.com/figures/31609-super-dimension-fortress-macross-dx-chogokin-vf-1s-valkyrie-roy-focker-special.html SOLD OUT - https://okini.land/en/21236-dx-chogokin-vf-1s-valkyrie-roy-focker-special-bandai-spirits.html SOLD OUT - https://www.hlj.com/dx-chogokin-first-limited-edition-vf-1s-valkyrie-roy-focker-special-bans60502
  8. nin-nin still holding steady at ¥31,490 for VF-1S Roy and ¥11,990 for TV super parts...
  9. I've had a number of successful transactions with some of the members here and am looking to sell a few spare items. All prices in USD via PayPal F&F or Venmo and does not include shipping. Shipping to US only at this time. For Sale: SOLD - NEW SEALED - DX Chogokin 1/48 - VF-1S Hikaru Movie Edition - DYRL SOLD - NEW SEALED - DX Chogokin 1/48 - Strike/Super Parts for Movie Edition VF-1 (Outer box is sealed) $100 - NEW SEALED - DX Chogokin 1/48 - Missile Set for VF-1 (Outer box is sealed) Estimated shipping via USPS Priority w/insurance for all 3: ~$48
  10. Yikes... and here I thought the kuramatoys @ $259.90 + shipping was starting to get high. Nin-nin trying to outscalp the scalpers!
  11. Whew, finally got one through Nin-nin @ 23,490Y... I was sitting at the spinny circle of death for god knows how long. Hearing all these stories about potential cancelled orders doesn't give me much confidence though. Grats to all who got theirs!
  12. Well, my missile sets from the 2nd run just arrived from Nin-nin-game. My strike parts through Anime Export were stuck at Osaka since 4/16 managed to arrive last week as well. Can't wait to finally get everything out and loaded up! Hope everyone gets their shipments soon too, cheers.
  13. Friend of mine that had a preorder through Playasia said that they just got a notification of shipment email. Looks like they are starting to ship now too.
  14. I just received notification that my NY order shipped. Order #7006xx in case anyone was curious.
  15. Nippon Yasan PO link is up for missile set reissue 5200 Y: https://www.nippon-yasan.com/figures/29791-dx-chogokin-missile-set-for-vf-1-limited-edition-reissue.html
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