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  1. Winter

    VF Girls

    I think I've a new desktop to replace my Akira desktop! *Right clicks, saves Ms.Kill Stick as wallpaper* Mighty nice thread, this. ^-^
  2. Here's one for the vets....Fold Engines. I've read tons of pages and sites about them, but what I'd like to know is, what kind of navigation system do you use for such a device? Are XYZ coordinates used, or is the 360 degree system used in shows like Star Trek used? Or am I asking a question that has no real answer?
  3. Ahhh. Issamu Alva Dyson...truly a bad ass we can all appreciate. ...splattery gore you say? I might just have to pick up DYRL? the next time I want to see something violent and shallow.
  4. Ha ha ha! New desktop get! ....where can I get a suit like that?
  5. Hi. Just a quick post...I heard there was a Homeworld mod on one of these servers and I'm quite interested in it. However, I can't seem to log into any servers. Is there a website or some other means of obtaining this mod? Thanks in advance.
  6. Winter

    VF Girls

    VF-4 Valk girl! *Drool*
  7. Holy Hell! I've got to order one of the Macross artbooks, cause I want more lineart of those/that Macross 7 super carrier *Drool!*
  8. Wha? These aren't JUST carriers? Oh this I've GOT to see.....
  9. I've fallen madly in love with the Macross 7 super Carrier design ^__________________^ ...groovy pic. New desktop get
  10. I want to agree with you, I really do...but I haven't seen Mac0 and nor have I seen DYRL?.
  11. Odd. Am I the only one who sees the VF-1's firing beams and whatnot from what's supposed to be their hip-joint assembly thingies on the nose in Fighter mode?
  12. My God. That whole city ruining fight scene on Earth was just delish *Fans himself*
  13. That's one of the reasons I love Mac+ so very much. The variety of music ranges from hi-speed electronica(InfoHigh) to orchestral genius(Cantabile) to rock(Does "After in the dark" count as rock?).
  14. See also: rectal thermomtetry, triganometry tests and slivers in the bottom of one's foot But in all serious, I understand what you're saying and value your input. "Wrath" was a greatly over rated movie too. Bollocks to Kirk and his whiny brat >.>
  15. I'm not a modler...nor an artist...but I've been looking through this thread and want to commend the mastery of everyone involved in this. Bra-vo! Utter genuis and artwork
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