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  1. after seeing that , i went and cut the tab by a little bit , now it fits . weird
  2. same problem , though mine was purchased last year
  3. what you said is correct,. i`m no phycist though
  4. first valk was those arii dyrl 1/100 kits...then got the yf-21(the antenna broke..argh!!),the vf-11 and the doyusha yf-19a..
  5. Clearly I didn't say post only VF-1's only. All toys made by Yamato are welcomed I guess everyone is still amped on the 1/48 line, I still haven't seen any Mac + valks yet but I still optimistic. Lets keep em (pics) comming guys. but there were only vf-1 pics ... hehehe,so i broke the tradition..hehe,i would get the 1/48,but it costs double wat i get in a month...ouch...
  6. this gonna be one looooong thread...
  7. remember,lock your room doors when you go to college,else your small cousins will come and literally destroy your collection...LOL..
  8. maybe he/she went for an operation..lol
  9. my rather small collection.... seeing as to why there are only vf-1`s posted..lol
  10. i recently got a mac 7 1/100 scale bandai special coating vf-19 firevalkyrie..pretty much easy to build as it is snap together kit...it looks good in battroid mode ...
  11. for me,any macross will do,..maybe a history involving max and millia from 2012-to thier current time onboard macross 7 would be nice... hope to see the vf-4 and the development of the vf-11.
  12. whats in the background ?
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