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  1. Just looking over the pictures again... they've really nailed the chunky aesthetic these '80s bots are loved for.
  2. Pre-orders are still open everywhere, wonder what the strategy is on manufacturing these? It's nice not having to stress buying a toy; especially expensive ones.
  3. It's looking to easily beat anything that's come before - very pleased with the printed decals too.
  4. They're pretty good, just don't try cancelling post 7 days of your pre-order, they get real pissy. HLJ is probably best for foreigners overall, native English speaking staff is a real plus too (for when things go wrong).
  5. Pre-orders up on Hobby Search.
  6. Unfortunately it would appear that far too many Yanks aren't adept at being savvy with international shipping. Vendors frequently ignore lower cost options like First Class mail, which has a pretty robust options set, and instead go straight to Priority mail etc. I see this all the time; thankfully some vendors will offer cheaper shipping when asked.
  7. Received mine today & it's exactly what I expected; heavy and tight with clean QC all round. But could someone chime in on why it's priced about 30% higher than it should be?
  8. Thanks for the pics. Relieved to see the Garland has been done some justice. Think I'll be giving mine some light weathering and adding extra paint detail to really make it pop. It comes across like and old gokin toy with its clean basic paint aps, it's kinda nice. It's a costly piece but sounds like materials and scale are spot-on, really dig this size for gokins, not too big or small. Wonder if the box art is display worthy?
  9. Looks like the Legioss just can't catch a break in the toy world. I understand the manufacturing process; small companies, production costs blah, blah, blah. But even with a hefty discount, it strongly appears that Evolution Toys' Legioss will still be overpriced; its weaknesses/QC issues not pertaining. Totally get some hardcore types will drop their dough on this; I seriously dig the Legioss design myself. But for the moment I'll be sticking with the model kits and pretend this toy doesn't exist.
  10. Are the shots of a prototype? because it looks kinda crap. Really hope the reviews allay my fears, because I'm a big fan of the Legioss and was hoping this would turn out... Wait and see.
  11. Macross Delta, isn't Macross. It's merely another hollow vacuum of utter tripe, just like the majority of Japanese animation of the last two decades.
  12. The VF-2SS was an obvious failure, just by looking at it the problems were evident. Though I still wouldn't mind one as I'd only display it one mode, and I don't really handle my expensive toys much. With the Alpha Fighter: even if they only pull off a great bot mode, I'd still be down for one. But considering how basic the transformation needs to be, I think they'll do better this time around. In any event, it can't be worse than any of the junk that's come before, surely.
  13. Is this the right place for this? New Legioss... http://www.taghobby.com/1-0/1-1/%E4%B8%8D%E6%96%B7%E6%9B%B4%E6%96%B0-2016%E5%B9%B47%E6%9C%8824%E6%97%A5-wonder-festival2016%E5%A4%8F-evolution-toy%E5%B1%95%E5%93%81/
  14. north-exit

    Hi-Metal R

    I've had great success with Testors Dullcote on all sorts of "hard" plastics; I'd also recommend Tamiya's TS-80. My Yamato SDF-1 was finished with Tamiya TS-80 about 4 years ago, and it's perfect to this day, pretty sure there's a number of different plastics on the SDF-1, too.
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