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  1. As for the alternate heads- I played with a composite which incorporated features from several of them- but ultimately decided to go with the original- it slides into the body and effects the transform better- I modidifed the hinge point and allowed the indidvidual lights to pivot to attain the flat profile for the gerwalk mode- I also swapped the antenae for AA lasers- I figured that was change enough- The slip stream covers on the missile drums have additinal sensors and mount mini missile launchers similar to those on the VF fast packs-these packs are optional but greatly improve aerodynamic performance in atmosphere while boosting the missile compliment so they are effectively standard equipment- the main drum stores a standardized missile load in 2 ranks- one behind the other but can be configured to load fewer longer or wider missiles or additional ranks of shortrer range warheads the long slots on the side allow the rear rank misiles to launch without openeing the main doors so the fighter mode can launch the larger ordinance at speed- but only in volleys of 2 or 4- the forward rank requires the doors to open in order to fire- not impossible while flying in atmosphere- but definately limited to slowere flight regimes obviously in space these limitations do not apply due to the addition of the arms- one missile tube per drum can be swapped as a mount for an updated Spartan Battle Mace- givin the Phalanx some extra punch up close but reducing the payload slightly
  2. Heavy bombardment would definately be a specialty of the Variable Phalanx- one of the options I haven't had a chance to draw yet is what I like to think of as the "stand-off" posture- The basic fighter can jetison and lauch both missile drums as long range remote delivery sleds for their full payload while the fighter stands off at a safer long range the drum can fly in close using evasive manuevers a piloted unit cannot perform then fire it's full pay load point blank- as a bonus, the fighter becomes more manueverable since it dumps all the weight
  3. You are probably quite right about the contradictions involved with the destroids being transformable and a dedicated design would look very different- For my own reasons I made the point of the exercise to start with the destroids we know and love and see if a transformation could even be made possible - I'm glad that they worked at all Thanks for the scanning advice- I played arround with my originals in GIMP and they do indeed look much more crisp - i will be sure to apply the technique to any further scans I maight post- the fighter forms resembling the VB-6 and the Variable Glaug was intentional because I loved those designs (perhaps a bit too much
  4. the buggie's layout gives me bad idea's for the blade runner spinner
  5. I need to draw up the transformation details- or at least do some color coded t-form guides ala the Macross Mecha Manual Best, of course would be 3D models with animated t-form sequences-but that's a little beyond my abilities for the moment- I'm just glad I was able to get a scanner working so i could share them with everyone
  6. Both of the Zentran mecha are for macronized pilots- but could probably be reworked for microns just like the variable Glaug As for the variable destroids- I designed them basically because I really liked the Konig Monster- The Destroids have long been denied the transforming love As for a tactical role the variable destroids would fill it would be pretty much what they do now, heavy assault firepower and air defence- these versions would be more self-mobile though- able to fold in and re-enter on their own power but still kick ass on the ground I almsot hesitate to call the insectoid forms of the Destroids "Gerwalks" but the legs are technically reversed knee and the leg mounted thrusters give them good ground effect hover movement- also being so low compared to most normal mecha gives them a "hull-down" aspect while fighting which both the original destroids and Valkyries sorely lack but mostly... I did it because it's Cool
  7. his praising my work was the highlight of the con for me
  8. Yes- other than the intentional resemblance to the original 80's designs which were used as a starting off point
  9. Greetings MWorlders - Inspired by the Konig Monster and thr Variable Glaug I had composed the attached offerings solely for my own amusment but speaking to Shawn at MW-Con 2013 convinved me to post them to the forums for the bennefit of all I loved the idea of the the Monster transforming and wondered if I could do the same for it's smaller brethen Likewise, for me, the quintessential Zentradii mecha have always been the Regult battlepods and the Queadlunn Rau for the Zentran and Meltran respectively so why not try them too I'm sorry it took so long- please enjoy the following Variaable Queadlunn V-Gult Variable Spartan Variable Tomahawk Variable Defender Variable Phalanx Have a merry Macross Christmas !!
  10. I just purchased a pair of Bandai 1/3000 Macross Toys on E-bay Since both had missing or broken parts the total was quite low altogether- less than $140 for both Used parts from the more badly damaged to pimp out and repair the beter one Since I only recieved one each of the Promethius and Daedalus I posed one in attacker mode and optimized it's internal parts to make it fully transformable the 2nd one I optimized into the original pre-lauch cruiser form from the first episode since i only received one bridge/head unit, I constructed a spare piece out of paper and now both look complete I'd currently can't post pictures, sorry I'm really jazzed! - I've wanted one of theese since shortly after the release back in '84 (now I have 2 )
  11. M2 was sadly a case of the whole being less than the sum of the parts characer designs by Mikimoto- great the VF-2 -IMO one of the most beautiful macross related mecha designs ever- great soundtrack- great add it all together.... meh! average at best Mac + was totally the oposite- the VF-11 was the only mech design i saw before it's release- didn't do anything for me looked weak and buggy- with a sheild? what the H*** was up with those pointy noses in the character sketches? Who the hell is Yokko Kano? but add it all together and it was nothing but awesome!
  12. The letters correspond to the initials of my legal name- I worked them into a 3 hex pattern becuase my cursive signature wasn't "pretty" enough to sign my artworks with- I've been using that logo as my signature for better than 20 years so it pre-dates SMS by quite a bit
  13. Wow! I like the design! The P-38 has always been my favorite WWII era aircraft! I toyed with a variable version of it some years ago and played arround with a few other designs as well F-4U Corsair TBF Avenger and the Japenese Shinden are the only ones I got even roughly finalized I hope you won't think I'm trying to steal your thunder-( & Lightning ) if I post my designs to this thread as well I am so envious of your modeling/animation skills since I can only do my mecha designs the old fashioned way I hope you all enjoy my take on the venerable P-38 as a variable fighter VP-38 Battroid.pdf VP-38 Gerwalk.pdf
  14. I have to say that is impressive work - well done! I'm curious: Have you worked out the geometry of the nose-pod in it's verical orientation for the batloid mode?
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