Super Dimensional Seminar digest with new Macross 30 footage


An abridged version of the Super Dimensional Seminar series that originally aired on Tokyo MX from July 2 ~Dec. 24 (covered extensively by Macross Worlds own Renato) will be posted twice weekly on Bandai Namco Games’ Youtube channel starting today.

Each of the 8 episodes will also include snippets of new footage/information from the Macross 30 PS3 game that will be released on Feb. 28.

Details and more follow the jump. →

Feb.1 (Fri.):   Ep.1 – What’s Macross 30?

Feb.5 (Tue.): Ep.2 – Galaxy Macross History (1) + Macross 30

Feb.8 (Fri):   Ep.3 – Galaxy Macross History (2) + Macross 30

Feb.12 (Tue.):Ep.4 – Galaxy Macross History (3) + Macross 30

Feb.15 (Fri): Ep.5 – History of the Valkyrie

Feb. 19 (Tue.):Ep.6 – THIS is Macross 30!

Feb.22 (Fri.): Ep.7 – Let’s enjoy Macross 30!

Feb.26 (Tue.):Ep.8 – Macross 30 about to be released!


In other news, Bandai has begun streaming a trailer for the upcoming DVD/BD release of Macross FB7  on April 24.