SpeakerPODcast Ep.54 – Anecdotally Speaking.


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The SpeakerPODcast crew sits down to catch up on all the Macross events that have been going on over the last few months.
Save fulfils a lifelong dream and finally meets Hiroko ‘Ishtar’ Kasahara! But before that, theres the tale of Mylene Party #02… and one of the greatest Macross standup comedy performances of all time.
Oh, and something about Megumi ‘Ranka’ Nakajima singing Delta too.

00:00:54 – Delta anecdotes
00:18:08 – Mylene Party #02 & the world’s greatest Macross comedian
00:52:30 – First ever Macross Delta Fan Club event. The first showing of the Draken chogokin in Battroid, and what Megumi Nakajima sings backstage.
01:11:20 – Super Robot Spirits 2016 (a Macross music spectacular!). Adrian meets Hiroko ‘Ishtar’ Kasahara!
01:33:35 – Tamahii Features & Oshare Macross Δ