SpeakerPODcast EP.24 – We Don’t Need No Landing Gear!


Recorded back in April, this was originally going to be a regular episode where we discuss the SDF-3 with SDF-1 designer Kazutaka Miyatake.
But then, a VF-2SS happened.

So crack open a can of Genki Apple, and relax as the worlds number one Macross 2 fan explains the origins of the newest member of the Macross toy family and reveals just who exactly Evolution Toys are.

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00:02:55 – Macross Delta Update
00:04:56 – News! Macross Card Fighter, Nyan Nyan Cafe, Variable Fighter Episode Archives & more!
00:10:16 – Wonder Festival Winter 2015 & meeting Kazutaka Miyatake.
00:21:23 – Renato remembers Studio Nue
00:31:50 – Orguss!
00:38:36 –  Miyazawa Mokei…OMG IT’S A VF-2SS AND ADRIAN LOSES HIS SH$T!