SpeakerPODcast Ep.56 – MacrossΔ Ep.14 SPOILERCAST!

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The Crew has lost a few good men to Anime Expo this week, but that’s not going to stop us from discussing episode 14 of Macross Delta! We are joined, once again, by Craig from the Repacked Podcast – who is pretty much a regular cast member by this point.Welcome, Craig!
You will believe that when an island class ship and a Macross class ship love each other very much, its electric.
This weeks cover of “If I only love once” is by the incredibly talented Saaya Shiki. Be sure to check out her channel on Youtube!

SpeakerPODcast Ep.55 – MacrossΔ Ep.13 SPOILERCAST!

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Episode 13 of Macross Delta is out, bringing us to the halfway mark of the series. Wow, is it really halfway over already?
The official website described this episode as a midway climax and what a climax it was! With co-host Adrian away on a top secret sortie, the SpeakerPODcast Crew are joined by Craig from the Repacked Podcast to discuss their impressions.

SpeakerPODcast Ep.54 – Anecdotally Speaking.


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The SpeakerPODcast crew sits down to catch up on all the Macross events that have been going on over the last few months.
Save fulfils a lifelong dream and finally meets Hiroko ‘Ishtar’ Kasahara! But before that, theres the tale of Mylene Party #02… and one of the greatest Macross standup comedy performances of all time.
Oh, and something about Megumi ‘Ranka’ Nakajima singing Delta too.

00:00:54 – Delta anecdotes
00:18:08 – Mylene Party #02 & the world’s greatest Macross comedian
00:52:30 – First ever Macross Delta Fan Club event. The first showing of the Draken chogokin in Battroid, and what Megumi Nakajima sings backstage.
01:11:20 – Super Robot Spirits 2016 (a Macross music spectacular!). Adrian meets Hiroko ‘Ishtar’ Kasahara!
01:33:35 – Tamahii Features & Oshare Macross Δ

SpeakerPODcast Ep.53 – MacrossΔ Ep.12 SPOILERCAST!

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The Repacked Podcast’s Craig joins the gang to discuss episode 12 of Macross Delta and the horrors of mercat and jellyfish genocide by Elysion. What does next week’s episode 13 climax have in store? But most importantly, what does Mospeada have to do with this podcast?

SpeakerPODcast Ep.52 – Fly a kite, have a beer.


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Mixing things up a bit in-between GerTalks this episode, Renato drops by the FireBomBAR in Osaka to see what people think of Macross Delta. Meanwhile, over in the US, Richard, Kyle and Jason discuss Wave’s recent announcement of a VF-4 model kit as well as – what else – Macross Delta!

So sit back, turn up the volume, and fly a kite, have a beer.

SpeakerPODcast Ep.49 – A meeting of Jeniuses

There are 4 members of the SpeakerPODcast Crew hiding somewhere in this pic. (property of Victor Entertainment)
There are 4 members of the SpeakerPODcast Crew hiding somewhere in this pic. (property of Victor Entertainment)

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The SpeakerPODcast Crew takes a break from GerTalkin’ to discuss Anime Japan 2016 and the meeting of 3 generations of Jeniuses. There’s also lot’s of discussion of Walkure and how the music of Macross Delta is being received here in Japan.

EP.49 – A Meeting of Jeniuses!
00:01:50 – Anime Japan & the meeting of Geniuses
00:29:40 – Shibuya Parco karaoke event
00:40:15 – Outdoor screening of Macross Delta ep.0.89
00:45:10 – Walkure mini-live at Lazona Kawasaki
01:02:38 – Walkure on Mezamashi TV
01:10:28 – Music announcements & fan covers