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Bandai DX Chogokin Missile Set for VF-1: TAKE CAUTION when removing


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While trying to remove a missile pod from my VF-1S. the attachment of the pod to the mounting point was so strong for some reason that I ended up pulling a section of the wing out. The two tabs on each side of the wings are molded to a rectangular section that sits in the underside of the wing itself. That section started separating from the wing because the missile pod was not letting go of the mounting tab. It fortunately did not break or bend that section of the wing, but now I have a situation where that section starts to pull away from the wing if I pull down on the missile pod (like when I try to remove it).  
Some Tamiya Extra Thin Cement applied in there should permanently hold it back in place. I am not a modeler but I assume that Tamiya cement can still cure even though the fit is super tight (see pics), and I'm not sure there is any room for the solvent to evaporate.

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