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Basic Roleplaying and BRP Mecha

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I've been working on write-ups for the mecha in the Macross franchise for the Basic Roleplaying supplement BRP Mecha. I'm here to both share my work, in case there are other RPGers here that want stats for a game that isn't Palladium's Robotech or Mekton, and to have more versed fans of the franchise look over my work and provide feedback.

After watching Macross Zero and reading some of what Seto Kaiba has written about how SWAG/ECA works, I've been thinking about adjusting the armor values downward for fighter and GERWALK modes, and upward for battroid mode. I'm currently focused on doing up what I'll need for to run a campaign that follows the Megaroad-01 colony fleet, which includes a non-canonical VF-4 variant.

Anyways, here is my google drive folder, and here is a link to BRP Mecha

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