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Sheryl Nome Cosplay on US TV

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So while Macross Frontier will probably never be broadcast on US TV on Sy Fy channel they started up season 1.5 for Heroes of Cosplay. I included a link and it has Yaya Han dressed as Sherly Nome in her Kimono outfit at 9 sec and 16 sec in this promo for episode 7. Not sure if you'll need a VPN to view it and SyFy may put up the full episode in a day or two. Keep in mind the show isn't the greatest but it puts exposure into Cosplay and Macross Frontier in a minor way at least.

Link http://www.syfy.com/videos/Heroes%20of%20Cosplay/Promos/vid:2782200

Here's the link to pics of the costume she wore on her site as the video is real fast


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I just saw this episode and she looks great! I also liked that she had a Ranka pose with her and the promotional brochure had Macross characters (from the Christmas themed figures) on it.

Its on Episode 7 of season 1, the one where they goto Stan Lee's Comikaze.

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