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Question about Yamato 1/60 ver 1 GBP and VF-1A Hikaru


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Hi everyone,

I recently purchased a 1/60 Yamato v1 VF-1A Hikaru (DYRL) and a set of the 1/60 v1 GBP Armor, but the armor doesn't seem to fit quite right on the Valkyrie. For example, the chest armor doesn't clip into the cockpit shield, so I have to remove the cockpit shield, so the armor just hangs off the Battroid. Am I doing something wrong, or is the armor just not compatible with it?

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i had one of those from way-way back. parts from the armor would make the legs fall off the vf-1 i had them on and a lot of the other parts were loose also. the v1 valks & armor where literally getting clearaced out in a local night market for $50 + $30 (about a decade ago). i was tempted to just use crazy glue... but it looks ok if you just leave it alone once you have everything together (just don't touch it again because mine kept falling apart). i almost forgot i had it after gettin' my 1/48's & v2's.

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