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Interview with J-Pop Singer Kuribayashi Minami during AFA 2012


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This versatile artist, from Shizouka Perfecture has already established herself firmly in the entertainment industry. Among the anime and games songs she has performed are for the Muv-Luv series, Chrono Crusade, My-HiME, My-Otome, Kure-nai, School Days, Blassreiter and Infinite Stratos.

Being her first time in Singapore, the various media took the opportunity to interview her onthe 11th of November at the SINGAPORE EXPO venue, but due to time constraints and her busy schedule, only a limited number of questions can be put forward to her.

Note: Minami’s answers were conveyed through her translator thus certain replies may be lost in translation.


Question : I would like to ask, having personally written the lyrics for some of your songs, can you tell us how you get the inspirations for your lyrics?

Kuribayashi Minami : I was given the resources about the anime, and then with the information, I start to create the lyrics.

Question : Which song influenced you the most?

Kuribayashi Minami : For a single song is very hard to answer but I'm mostly influenced by songs by Komura Tetsuya.

Question : After 11 years, you are now one of the most well-known voice actress, song-writer and singer in the anime realm, would you mind talking a little about how you started in this business? Who influenced you?

Kuribayashi Minami : I started this business through “Kimi Ga NozomuEien”, singing “Rumbling Hearts”. And the person who influenced me most is Okui Masami-san.

Question : You have participated in various anime and games, which work will be your most favourite?

Kuribayashi Minami : My favourite would be my debut project : ‘Kimi Ga Nozomu Eien’.

Question : You did voice for the leading character in“Kimi Ga Nozomu Eien”, would you be interested in voicing for other roles in the future?

Kuribayashi Minami Oh, yes, I'm definitely interested.

Question : As one of the central figure in Animelo Summer for a continuous of 8 years, if given a chance, would you continue to attend this grant event?

Kuribayashi Minami Yes, I would like to attend.

Question : As a singer, would you be trying some new singing styles you never tried before?

Kuribayashi Minami : Aa... I don’t have anything in mind yet, but if there’s a chance to try out new things then, yes, I'd love to give it a try.

Question : Recently, you sang the opening songs for ”Muv-Luv: Total Eclipse”, which is a side story of” Muv-Luv Alternative”, how do you feel about finally seeing this series being made into an anime after 10 years?

Kuribayashi Minami : I was hoping that it will eventually become an anime, so I'm very glad that it happened..

Question : Would you mind letting us know a little of your plans year 2013?

Kuribayashi Minami : Ah, not yet! Not yet! There's no plans that I could tell yet.

Question : What advice would you give to aspiring singers or voice-actors for them to break into the industry?

Kuribayashi Minami : Hmm~ well, it is important that you have some originality, and some unique characters to yourself, so, please have this uniqueness to yourself.

Question : Do you have any words that you would like to say to your fans in Singapore?

Kuribayashi Minami It is my first time, here, in Singapore, so I'm very excited. I'm looking forward and I'll do my best in front of everyone.

Special Thanks goes to Lim Wee Ling, Stephanie Seah, Michelle Tong of Asia PR Werkz Pte Ltd and Shawn Chin of Anime Festival Asia for arranging and assistance for the interview.

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