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Alien vs. Ninja


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AvN: Alien vs. Ninja
Sushi Typhoon/Nikkatsu Corporation, 2010
Funimation Entertainment, 2011
Directed by Seiji Chiba (The Kunoichi: Ninja Girl)
Running Time: 83 minutes
Rated R for graphic martial arts violence and gore, suggestive sexual situations and profanity.


Shuji Kashiwabara as Yamata
Mika Hijii :wub: (Kaoru in Garo, Namiko in Ninja) as Rin
Ben Hiura as Jinnai
Donpei Tsuchihira as Nezumi

In Feudal Japan, a ninja clan is sent out to investigate an object that just fell from the sky. What they discover is a group of alien lifeforms that surpass their fighting skills. With the aliens quickly cutting down their numbers, three ninja warriors must fight to survive and prevent the aliens from wiping out other villages in Japan.

I bet that one night, someone at a drinking party in Japan imagined a movie where ninjas fought Aliens and Predators. Obviously, because of copyright limitations, he couldn't put Aliens and Predators in his film; so he came up with his own bad guy.

Alien vs. Ninja is simply a very loose remake of Predator, only with a change of setting. Feudal Japan replaces the jungles of Guatemala and instead of American commandos, we have ninjas. The Alien in this film is obviously a cheap ripoff of the Xenomorph from the Alien series, and it's undoubtedly one of the ugliest alien designs ever made. There practically is no story and the CG special effects are laughable at most.

So why watch this movie? The martial arts, of course! For such a cheesy monster movie, Alien vs. Ninja actually has mind-blowing fight choreography, especially from the guy wearing the rubber suit. And if that doesn't keep you interested, there's Mika Hijii, who is just drop-dead gorgeous as the female ninja Rin. Just watch her fight scene above.

Alien vs. Ninja is what you would typically expect to see late night at Syfy, but its fight scenes are enough to entertain anyone. And if you don't like it, the ninjas have this to say...

Rating: C

The Internet Movie Database Edited by areaseven
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