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Found 2 results

  1. Hello, I play a game. That game is stellaris. It is 4X genre game and you can select or make one country and play on a galaxy. It likes real-time Civilization series. Anyway I make Macross mod. That name is Macross S. The goal of this mod is to embody the Macross worldview in a game called Stellaris. To this end, we are making the most of the various functions supported in the game to make the mod. It is the link : https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1106707984 This mod support like this Include SDF Macorss~Macross Delta series Empire & species : Zentradi, UNS, Windermere civics : start with zentradi traits : 2 species traits, 5 admiral traits, 3 general traits name lists : Zentradi, UNS, Windermere loading screens : 15 Macross loading screens added portraits : 79 UNS portraits & 23 Zentradi portraits & 11 Windermere portraits ascension perks : 5 acension perks Stratigic Resource : Fold Quartz tech : 11 techs army : 2 armies building :3 buildings edicts : 11 edicts Ship Components : 13 components Weaon : 11 weapons I will add other functions like -supervision army -Spaceships : SDF 1, UNS ship, Zentradi ship, etc. -In addition to this, if you get a lot of suggestions from me, I would like to make additional ones.
  2. Hi, I just recently started a Mod for Homeworld 2. This is my first attempt at modding HW2, so I am still in the process of learning about the game engine. So on to the meat of the subject. What is the timeframe: Basically anything Macross. Whats already done: New Ships VF-11 (fighter only) VF-17 (fighter only) Ghost X9 Monster MKII Destroid Work/Miner Uraga Class Stealth Carrier Northampton Class Stealth Frigate New Macross Class Battleship (Warship only) -Thanks to Akt_M for the VF-11, Ghost, NMC and Monster New Hyperspace Effects* New Weapons Micro missiles Reaction missiles Point Defense weapons* The Macross Cannon* What is going to be done (eventually): Enemy races(Vajira, Varata, Zentrandi, Mentrandi, Original?) More ships/ fighters Animations Transformation for all VFs and NMC Proper texturing What might be done: I plan on in the future creating a original campaign that will be a side story in the Macross Universe. Think of it as a interactive fan fic *In progress, still needs tweeking Currently it is only me who is doing this, so if anybody wants to help, I will be very happy to have you on board. Especially if you can texture. And here are some screen shots of what is already done --edit-- List Update 10-11-2008 VF-19 (fighter only) added, thanks to Star Dragon and MODELS PLEASE for the mesh Point Defense upgraded Vajira Scout aka Vajira (small) added NMC is now fully transformable New mod site http://sites.google.com/site/macrossgenerationsmod/
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