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  1. Snide...? Moi? Unthinkable!

    :lol: :lol:

    For what? Yes, she unwittingly intensified the Vajra attack. She was also knowingly instrumental in destroying them.

    Not the Vajra attack. All is hoping on her but she ran away, she isn't at responsible. Her past, yes, she wants to know more but what about the people who depended on this girl? She did not officially step down from the post.... yes, I know she is confused but she's also very childish. First she runs away from the parade, now she runs away from Frontier? She wants Alto to come with her even though the Vajra killed Mikhail. She is too much impulsive, don't you agree? She should think what happens more by people around than herself. There is a limit for everything, even for cute girls like her. :wacko:

  2. Okay, I read 'em. Now what?

    Don't be snide..... :lol:

    There are many different povs there. Not all povs are without reason.

    She refused a request by her nation to sing for the fallen. The heartbreak comes from her very lack of ill intent as she does so.

    As of right now, Ranka is a girl that has broken my heart one time too often. I no longer feel grief at her foibles, but neither do I feel pride at her accomplishments. Hate would be an improvement, it would mean she has the ability to move me to feeling, and my feelings could yet change. Ranka’s actions this episode could lead to the slavation of Frontier and my response will be a resounding “…Eh”. I’m simply no longer emotionally invested in her at all. I’m more interested in Brera, here.

    I love how the Ranka shippers keep giving her a free pass on everything she does. They have absolutely NO concept about responsibility. None, zero, zilch. Thousands of people died in the latest attack, including a friend, her best friend is injured, her acting brother is missing, and she can’t sing for the dead at their funeral? All she could do, was cry,”why me, why me?”. Yeah, we wonder why you were chosen too.

    Another thing that chaps my hide, these same people(ani_d, BleachOD, diva, and others), don’t take into account, that the characters don’t KNOW what we know. Ranka doesn’t know she’s being used by Leon and Grace. Alto doesn’t know that Ai-kun isn’t like the other Vajra, and that they too are being used by Galaxy. Alto and Ranka don’t know Sheryl is dying. There’s so many things they don’t know. Yet you act like they do.

    Ranka didn’t leave Frontier for the good of the fleet or the people. She left because she A) wants to bring Ai-kun back to his own kind, B) Wants to learn more about her own past, and C) heart-broken that Alto hasn’t returned her feelings.

    She’s the main weapon they have against the Vajra, and she is taking away the best fighter with her(Brera), and tried to take Alto away(one of the best). What if she came back from her soul searching, and Frontier was wiped out? Would she give a crap then? She certainly hasn’t shown empathy towards people through 21 episodes. Unless it suits her interest.

    This is why Sheryl is a better match for Alto. She understands other people, can relate, and puts them above her own needs and wants. She puts herself in other peoples’ shoes as best as she can. Ranka, can’t see their perspectives to save her life.

    I believe the fandom would cut Ranka some slack if she had understood the grave seriousness of her situation and the choices she made that went with it. If she went…

    “I know my decision is going to affect a lot of people, I know it’s the worst time for this to happen, but I have to go, I need to find out about my past.”

    Unfortunately, she didn’t.

    It’s good that she stumbled on the right path, but at what cost? This area is so gray, but if she had shown any awareness of what the consequences might bring to her actions instead of focusing on herself and running away from the responsibility that she chose to accept before as the Songstress of Hope, then perhaps everyone won’t be so frustrated and angry with her one-track mind and inability to see the bigger picture around her.

    Ranka is basically at the situation where Minmei is.

    1) She’s said she doesn’t want to sing anymore as a tool. That’s perfectly fine and dandy - that’s understandable. However, she’s also running out on Frontier AND HER CAREER, which she thought of as quite important at one point. And in doing so, she’s probably killed what career she had as a singer, because it’s not very important to her at this moment, not caring for what the consequences to it are, or whether she’ll want to return to singing as a livelihood in the future. Even Minmay, who ran out on Kaifun, made a point of returning that evening to do the club show she’d been scheduled for.

    2) She was screaming along with Alto last episode when Mikhail took the tail-spike in the back. This episode, we don’t even see her mope a bit whereas even ever-cheerful Luca is emo. Instead, she’s asking Alto to leave with her and let bygones be bygones with the Vajra. She doesn’t care about the dead, or apparently so - you’d think she’d have made an apology to them and said that she couldn’t sing right now because of how she felt… or tried to pull a Sheryl and done so anyways since this wasn’t singing to lure the Vajra in, but rather a paean for the dead. She could’ve used quite a few justifications for why she didn’t sing… other than ‘I don’t want to’. Guess which one she used? I can feel your sympathy from here… ooops, forgot the sarcasm flag.

    3) She’s always wanted to see Alto at her convenience. She was unhappy about not knowing about his past… and only in Episode 21, eleven episodes after she found out about his past as an actor, does she ask a personal question. She had all that time to get to know him, know about him, know his likes and dislikes. To find out who he really was, beyond that image of the pretty pilot who encouraged her and teased her. To find things she shared in common with him, to use to connect to him beyond the hero-worship she’s always had for him.

    She ran off to space without admitting responsibility.

  3. Did you see the bout that I had with a couple of them in the Miss Macross Frontier Part III thread recently? They kept pointing to a post in "That Animeblog" as proof that Ranka sucked.

    I finally got around to reading that post, and...well, it was some dude's opinion.

    If that's the best they can do, then yes...they have no real facts on their side.


    Read everyone's comments down there....

  4. As the show goes on I'm starting to like Ranka more and more and Sheryl less and less; why don't they make Sheryl DO something again? I lost my Sheryl vibe after around episode 9 or 10. Granted a lot of focus has been given to Ranka lately (which I <3) but I dunno what will happen to Sheryl now...hmm :T

    Hello? Sheryl is sick. :blink: And she still left bed to save Alto and Ranka. That's different from sitting around and letting love competition beat her down, like what Ranka did. :blink:

  5. Hehe Sheryl is my favourite character. She is a classic tsundere.

    I'm not sure if Sheryl is gonna end up together with Alto. It's like there's a growing attraction between them and the anime keep pushing it but they aren't even aware of it themselves? In SDF:M at least Hikaru has confirmed love for Minmay so we know that won't last. But here it's like Alto doesn't even realize it. Are they gonna develop this and then abandon it midway to switch to Ranka? Because Ranka is always the last, so far behind, and Alto keeps getting interrupted in Episode 5 when he and Ranka tried to call each other, makes me wonder wth is going on.

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