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  1. Hey Mark great to see you back, I know how a new born can keep you busy and well Law exams to wow what a work load. I've been toying around with the comps for the models and I'm hoping next year we may have Australias leading model magazine there to. The main thing with the comps is that I find that it is pretty easy to start getting carried away with them, so I want to keep it to 4 or 5 at the most in the way of categories. I ran some idea's past Matt last week and I'll post up my idea's for categories soon.

    We also have a Mac Aus Con donation PayPal site now so donations can be made if anyone has some spare change they want to get rid of.....lol. Just please remember that it is a donation and come con time you will still need to purchase a con ticket, but this should be a lot cheaper come 2010 more around the $30.00 mark I would say. Anyway to make a con donation just send it to the following address :- macauscondonations@live.com.au any donations no matter how small would be very much appeciated.

  2. Not a great deal happening this week, life seems in the way for everybody this week. We are however looking at locations to see what the Gold Cost has to offer, which is quite a lot. So more just a bump for the tread....more news as it come to hand so keep checking in. Thanks!

  3. I still think it should stay around May maybe April as then you would get better deals as it's moving into the off season. Plus it's still warm so you can enjoy the surf, but not as packed with people as in summer, also summer moves it close to Christmas and that will complecate things for people.

  4. I'm with Shazam on this one, as I have talked to some of you about. I think the Gold Coast would be a great place to get a venue for the next con, as it has a lot to offer apart from the con itself. Being so close to all major attractions to would give some members a chance not only to come to the con but perhaps have a holiday aswell. There is a lot of great venues that can cater for our convention, as well an airport and train for those wishing to use public transport.

    Also holding it on the coast gives a great chance to have a good time at night and an after party or dinner on the Saturday night if the con is over two days, plus we should be able to get great hotel deals for those who wish to stay for the convention. I really think that the Gold Coast would be a much better venue than Brisbane IMO.

  5. Thanks Ruskii, and good idea for those who my have missed it. Big Thanks to Hobby Link Japan.com for the prize, was fantastic.

    A simple idea I had to see a valk with a massive weapon system, more than the Strike pack. Also an idea to show the evolution from reactive armour on the VF-0S and the VF-25 full armour, the EMU was to be a link between them all. Also to the idea was to have a fighter that was designed to destroy capital ships, the extra armour came from thinking about surviving attack runs on these ships. I also decided that it nwould be good if the armour would transform with the valk rater than having to be jettersoned. Anyway this is the EMU.....




    so hope you injoy if you haven't seen it already and you find more pictures here.......http://www.macrossworld.com/mwf/index.php?showtopic=30054

  6. Gorgeous, and if you could rescale and modify it a little bit then I could see it becoming a fully variable armored system. Basically seperate the nose and chest armor peices so that the chest piece can move down with the rest and make the canards fold to let the legs passed and you've got it. One critique though. Your sensor placement. The small sensor dish is almost completely blocked by the fighter and the FAST packs, maybe it can extend further out, but right now it limits the amount of coverage it will have. Also, the armor over the nose basically just killed your radar, unless it has its own seperate radar, that overrides the other when it is attached.

    as this is a static model it only needed to show a small amount of the transforming detail just like the hasegawa valk under it, the armour on a real one would be fully transformable. The nose armour slides up to shorten and the armour has it's own canopy shield that you can just see the tip of and the canards would fold down then around under the sides of the armour, the wings swing back to move them out of the way of arm movement. The knee gaurds also would be able to move fully forward to allow for gerwalk so the armour has been designed from the start that it can transform with the valk. As for radar I imagine that radar is far more advanced than anything of todays standards as most of the macross equipment have some sought of stealth, the radar or more targeting system and is tucked between the boosters to keep it out of direct fire, it is also more for detecting positions of capitalships to plot it's attack runs as well as providing ECM cover for the EMU and escourt so it's position doesn't hamper it's use at all.

    So like I said this is a static model so like most models all the transformatin parts are not fully clear (eg. SV-51, YF-21 etc. model kit), but the build from day one was that it is fully transforming armour. Oh the twin cannons to are Rail Guns not beem lasers, the rail gusns can fire rounds almost continuosly and can carry a lot of rounds due to there small size, the targeting looks for the reactor of the capitalship that it's targeting and once aquired the EMU fires to hit the reactor of the enemy ship causing the reator to detonate which in turn destroys the enemy ship and any in close proximity making an attack by an EMU deadly to a enemy fleet.

    I have been aproched to make this into a 1/48 fully working armour for a Yamato so we'll see what happens as it will be a big job, one I'm looking forward to.

  7. WOW!!! :o Stunning! That is a work of art, right there! It reminds me of the armored Gerwalk in one of the Macross Art books (I think it was the Kawamori Design Works, but correct me if I'm wrong...). Thank you for sharing.

    Just out of curiosity warpaint22, what was the build-time for you on this?

    Thanks for the comments, the build time was about 2 1/2 months to have it fully complete. :)

  8. Thank you gentelman for your posts, the EMU was a labour of love to be something different at the Mac Aus Con, plus I do love the look of beefy mecha. The EMU itself was a cross of VF-0 Reactive Armour - VF-1 Super Packs and the much later and new VF-25 Full Armour.

    The EMU Armour is completely scratchbuilt using next to no model parts just sheet styrene, and yes the armour is fully removeable from the valk.

    Again thanks for all the posts and comments, it makes the effort well worth while. :)

  9. WOW!!!! What a day, we all had a ball...what more can I say.

    It was great meeting up with the Aussie forum members, making new friends and showing off our displays.

    Have to say the displays where awesome, a really great effort put in by all attending.

    And yes those who couldn't make it you missed a great friendly event but it has layed the ground work for future Aus Cons.

    I'd like to say a big thank you to everyone who voted my VF-1S+ EMU "Best Custom Build" and thank you HLJ for the awesome prize " Bandai 1/72 VF-25F Supermassiah" with B-Club hand set and 10% discount voucher.

    Also BIG congrats for PeterB winning "Best Custom Paint" for his VF-2SS custom (Please correct me if I'm wrong...lack of sleep...lol) winning the 1/72 VF-25S Supermassiah again with B-Club hand set and 10% discount voucher.

    Congrats to Cowie165 for his effort with I beleave secound in custom paint (again correct me if I've got it wrong...lol)

    Sceam Man for his effort in the Transforming comp, I think this provided more laughs than anything all day. Just managing to beat Sream Man but it was ever so close, really these guys where so even it was really hard to tell who was quicker....lol. Big thanks to Overdrive for the Yamato 1/60 VF-1D that was the prize.

    I beleave Matt won "Best Custom Toy" winning GNU YF-19 and 21...........awesome effort.

    Plus much more that I just can't think of right now.

    I'd like to give a massive thank you to Shazam for the prizes he gave out, I can't thank you enough for your awesomeness.

    Now a Huge THANK YOU to Matt who has put in a lot of effort and funds to make this day happen and to say it has been a pleasure to be working with him on the con board.

    Thanks to Chriss for the picture he awarded me what an artist...thank man.

    Thanks to Sonic for doing our con posters and our con Momento Picture and of course polidread who supplied our Valk Girl who we used in the momento pictures.....I'll be sending polidread and Sonic there pictures shortly, thanks guys.

    A Really BIG BIG THANK YOU to our sponsors who put in a massive effort to bring our con to life, with out these guys support it wouldn't have been possible to do the con with the awesomeness we achived...so thank you Kirin Hobby for your massive effort, HLJ whos sent awesome prizes for us modelers, Overdrive who has been with us from the beginning with a massive effort, Sonic for his designs, Mecha Studios Australia for momento pictures, Studio Starforge for the resin figures, I'm sure I left somebody out.....lol, but thank you so much for being our sponsors. We'll be sending momento pictures to our sponsor ASAP.

    Lastly I want to say a big thank you to all the fans who supported us in attending, the day was awesome because of you and I must say I haven't had the oppertunity to be with some many friendly people, it was truely a pleasure meeting you all, and I hope you all enjoy your momento pictures.



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