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  1. Title says it all: 1/48 Hikaru weathering and/or the weathering fast packs. PM me if you have these. Passed up on them recently but the price was outrageous. -Nish
  2. I almost purchased a pair but it would have come out to around $600. I'd get the vf-1j over it but I'd like the fast packs too. I'd definitely buy the set if it were cheaper. I'm surprised I missed these being offered for sale. =/ -Nish
  3. Heyas, I've seen green, blue, black, and silver stands for these guys. Does anyone know which came out when and which are available now? I kind of like the green ones but I don't see them often. It's mostly the black or deep blue ones. Thanks, -Nish
  4. It looked to me that Yamato Japan was selling weathered fast packs only? Maybe I mistook them for 1/48s but they were 1/60s. -Nish
  5. Yeah, I was just speaking about Valk Exchange's website (which is gone). It used to show an approximate price list of some of the old ones (Takatoku and Bandai). I'm interested in collecting some of the older ones and wondered what fair price for them was. -Nish
  6. Is the Yamato 1/48 special edition Hikaru VF-1S weathing with fast packs something that will be remade or will it sit at 250 copies? I wonder how valuable something like this would be. Anyone care to take a guess? Thanks, -Nish
  7. Heyas, Valk Exchange had a good page on the values of the old Takatoku and Bandai 1/55 valks. I was wondering, does anyone know a price guide or decent site with the values of these? I'm considering picking up a couple and want to know if I'm getting a bargain or getting taken to the cleaners =P -Nish
  8. Heyas, Looking for a super stealth. Either separate or in the one box. Let me know if you have one lying around for sale. Thanks, -Nish
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