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  1. Just now, borgified said:

    Can be a number if things @scand

    (1) Vapourware [Your not the only person that said it].

    (2) Co-vid delayed everthing and the price of our hobbies has skyrocketed off the roof and it's been delayed to infinity. 

    I have no problem waiting for infinity to get here. I can just dream about it untill then.

  2. 21 hours ago, Slave IV said:

    Thank goodness a release I can skip. My Arcadia YF-19 is all good still. They need to reissue the VF-19 Kai Full Set because I need me one o those !

     Waiting on that too!

  3. On 1/5/2021 at 9:39 PM, jvmacross said:

    Before or after shipping?  What was the shipping cost from Buyee?

    I have seen some "deals" on YJS...such as this one....https://buyee.jp/item/yahoo/shopping/puremiamuserekuto_4573102605023/category/?searchHis=1

    But I have no idea what the shipping cost is domestically and for international....so hard to say if it really is a good deal or not... :unknw:

    The Valk was $249 including Buyee service fees, Shipping was like 58 via DHL.. Roughly 310 is was  I paid. Amazon's Global shipping would have been much less. On a side note, I got the valk in not even 3 days using DHL.

  4. Thanks for taking a look at my for sale thread. I'll do my best to list and highlight what I'm offering. I will also and try to add as many pictures as possible. If you need more pictures please ask. All of my Valkyries are displayed in glass cabinets and have been handled (Minimally). All toys are from a non-smoking home, but I do have pets. I am a long time member of MacrossWorld and I'm a  on the straight shooters list for both selling and buying. If you need eBay credentials just DM me and I'll send you my user name.

    Buyer is responsible for shipping costs and 4% PayPal transaction fee. I will ship via USPS priority mail. I will need to give you a quote based on your address. Will ship ASAP shouldn't be more than 2-3 days after payment. Will ship overseas but need extended ship/quote time.

    For Sale...

    SOLD - Arcadia - VF-1S 1/60 Hikaru Ichijoe
    Toy condition
    Decal and instructions in unused state taped to cardboard shell.
    This another clean Valkyrie, but the toy has two flaws the inner hard point on the right wing has detached (Common theme it seems). It can be re attached with the appropriate cement. Also the leg-fin on the right leg became loose and would not sit properly within the leg. There is some slight remnants of when I used plastic cement to secure the fin. It's ever - so slightly. If you look hard enough you will see that it was glued (Unnoticeable with super packs on). Outside of that, this is a beautiful toy. The toy was a sitter, it has probably been transformed twice if that. I bought this new, about two years ago as well.
    Box condition
    Minor creasing and wear on all corners, no crushed corners, Minimal scratches on box from storage, Bottom right corner of "flap" has a minor but more noticiable crease/fold in it.

    Sold - $220 - Bandai - DX YF-19 Full Set Pack

    Toy condition
    This is a good toy, I'm selling this a little cheaper because of a couple of flaws as well, straight from Bandai.
    The Helmet/Head is missing the right Nacelle/Nozzle (Thanks Bandai!) This might be a fix for a super handy modeler. Additionally the left chest cannon his loose because the clip that holds it in cracked during transformation. The chest cannon will fall out if not careful because it is no longer permanently affixed.  Both of these problems are mute in fighter/gerwalk mode but do impact Battroid mode. the chest cannon will stay in but its literally hanging in there. Probably could be fixed with a little ingenuity. The good news... the head laser is perfectly intact. I will take steps to secure that during shipping as well.

    $SOLD - Bandai - DX VF-25F Alto with Super Parts (Renewal) - (Sold together/will not break up)
    Toy Condition
    There are no apparent flaws that I have noticed with this toy except the super parts can be a little tedious while handling. I'm a little ignorant with the Frontier toys has I don't know how to tell the difference between a Renewal and the original version. When I bought these, Both listings said they were renewal. This was not new when I purchased this neither was the super-parts. I've only displayed this in fighter with the super parts affixed. I can't speak to it's previous life.

    Box Condition
    VF-25F box -Minor to intermediate wear on all corners of the box. No crushed corners.
    Super parts box - intermediate wear on all corners of the box. some crushing on corners. will be in original brown shipper box for protection. They contents are good, tbe box does show signs of advanced wear.

    $SOLD - Yamato - VF-1D
    Toy Condition
    I'm not sure if the Yamato VF-1D ever came with the chest inserts under the arms or the head/dual seats. If it did then this toy would be missing that. but every thing else is super nice with this toy. I've only transformed this once. I bought this from Buyee/Yahoo japan auctions. It was listed as new when I purchased it. Please also check out the updated pictures of the shoulders and canapy. the shoulder do appear to have hairline cracks forming in their weaker spots. The cracks do not look far advanced.

    Box Condition
    Minor creasing and wear on all corners, no crushed corners, Minimal scratches on box from storage. It does have some dried tape on the left side of the box... not too noticable.
    Very nice box given the older age of the toy.

    $Sold   - Bandai - Hi-Metal VF-1D
    Toy Condition
    It's an HMR VF1D... open and displayed in Battroid mode. All "parts-forming" parts are accounted for.
    Box Condition
    Obvious crushing of box on bottom  from shipping. Did not impact toy in any way.









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