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  1. I haven't been able to dig up a topic on this, but outside of Amazon (SDF subbed is free, Plus and II for $$) where I can watch a few bits, where are folks able to stream the different series? I've got some episode gaps I want to catch up on. Nothing on CR, hulu (I think they did at one time have SDF and II: Movie?), vrv, etc... so looking for options that hopefully aren't too pricey, but maybe offer a range that I can add to my monthly streaming $$ for not a lot...

    Any chance of keeping a running 'first post updated' thread of where we can watch legally? I swear if one already exists then my search fu really sucks.

    Thanks for reading.

  2. Fun panel today at the con, wondering if anyone here was present. A recap and tie-in panel (w/some unscripted audience partici- ok belting theme songs out), I had to leave before the subjects switched from TV to OVA and film, shame, but was a good hour... if anyone made it, hope you enjoy tomorrow too (sadly, got to get a few bits going before work o'clock on Monday, so gotta skip day 3 grrr)

  3. On 8/9/2018 at 8:45 AM, Stampeed Valkyrie said:

    @AngelBird4  Some good choices there..  AICO was pretty good Subbed.. I heard the Dub is utterly horrible.   BLAME is pretty good..   and Sidonia I just recently watched and enjoyed that.     As for SBY 2202 being crap.. aww BOO I say.. BOO  I am rewatching 2199 now.. was going to move onto 2202 after I rewatch the first one.   




    Short ver- 2202 is a let-down on all fronts, from the redesigns, asset conversion (over to Lightwave), 2D/3D integration, tech art, anim... to the story, which isn't making it worth riding out, dammit...

    YMMV. ;-)

    Getting a 1-2 episode/day re-watch of Durarara in now too. Still captures the attention. That and saw first third of Three Stories which I recommend (having a CRoll account and Netflix and Amz Prime is dangerous, I need to be getting stuff done too!!!)

  4. Yeah and it's odd--- this doesn't seem like it would be an unreasonable endeavor, though the initial hit in costs to get the books and eval them-- hmmm if I start a crowd-funded... nah The Wife would probably kill me ;-) (but then again... she'd understand too...) 

    Its probably time to pull the trigger on something like this though... one more damn thing to do. Thanks all so far!

  5. Just in case anyone's book shelves are loaded... ahem.

    Mine were stolen many moons ago, along with that cool little postcard book from TiA on the series, alas. (ok other bits as well) but today, hoping to get the Vol 1 and 2 set again 



  6. Hi all

    Right, we all know the curse- find a show/ova/film/short to dig, want to look at its production art, styling, etc... and Hey! There are 500 books out there! Freaking fantastic!!!

    But you can't afford all 500 (or ummm... just shouldn't). And hell, the last time you did BUY ALL 500... you found out only two of them were worthwhile....

    So I've been curious for a time if a site exists that has done some of the heavy lifting and broken down offerings... series/ova etc etc etc etc... to help make decisions easier?

    Of course I know about Parka Blogs, but most of the reviews are driven by submissions and the range is scarce as it's a site for broad interests, so a fair few gaps when I'm trying to make my decisions. No, I don't expect anyone out there to perfectly sync to my interests... or DO I... ??!?!?!??!?!?!?!?! but an anime-focused spot?


    Thank you.

  7. Looking for unbuilt kits of the armored 1j and dyrl 1s :-)
    Not going to pay a 'collector price', but if you realize you aren't going to build either and are looking for a cash bump to fund your next buy... :-)

    Also looking for the metalboy getter dragon.


    thank you for looking in...

  8. Sorry to disappear after posting this, got pretty sick at the end of last week (some coworkers don't get _not coming in_ and passing crap around if they're ill), so have been out of it. Got a couple of good leads and a really good one, but I have to keep an eye on cost as well as my main pref is really geared towards the classic SDF1 and DYRL (and ok Flashback) figures... it just seems like I could end up spending more over time buying the individuals inst of sets. Bit of a puzzler right now.... 


    On 2/15/2017 at 12:24 PM, Ghostbear0 said:

    Well if you consider the time frame that was right around the time the events of Frontier were wrapping up. So I assume ( because it actually would be kinda neat) that they figured out that the Sight Valens was a key to the protoculture version of the Galaxy plan built as a last resort antie Protodelvin weapon. The loggical reation to that being all sorts of nope the rece of emotional children do not get the keys to a galactic doomsday weapon.

    The damn party-poopers. ;-)

    Am I the only one who hopes that a re-visit a la Yamato 2199 could come around? A lot went right in that series.

  10. Pretty straightforward, looking to replace stolen figures. I'd go for sets 2 and 3 if reasonable, but also simply looking to replace S2 Misa and Minmay, and S3 cockpit, Minmay, Max (X2), and Shami. Not the clear vers. Bit of a chase, but please drop a note if you can help out ;-) Thanks for reading!

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