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  1. Here's two celebrities I've met before starting with the most recent: Kenny Latimore (R&B singer) May 31, 2005 Comcast center @ University of Maryland College Park,MD He appeared as a guest speaker at my high school graduation. He shook hands with me as I received my high school diploma. Emmit Till's mother June 23, 2002 Some church in Chicago, IL While I was attending church as a part of my family reunion, she went up to the podium to give a brief history about what happened to her son and to let everyone in church how she's still coping with loss of her son some 50 years ago. I shook hands with her after the Eucharist. Unfortunately, I received word from my father that she died last winter. And how about you? If you've ever met a celebrity please post your responses in the same format I have. Phalanx
  2. If you ask me, I think the Blackwidow would make for a good carrier based multi role, interceptor regardless of what anybody says. I think it would be good to hypothetically have a new pheonix missle system be resurrected in to it and variable swing wing design as the fighter was orignally expected to be a replacement of the F-14 as a NATF but funding for this baby wasn't requested by the DOD after 1990. It's got the range, fuel capacity, more effective stealth capabilty than the raptor. But if you ask me, I think another reason why the USAF ATF program chose the raptor over the blackwidow was because the design was a little too radical for them even though I found it very unique and interesting. Aside from the fact that the F-22 had a more conventional design to it and it was more easy to maintain and had greater potential for future development as well as other stuff I read up on, I still think the Blackwidow could supplement the Raptor.
  3. I think the YF-23 could be made into a suitable replacement for the Horny Horn sometime in the next 20 years or so. I'm surpised Grumman hasn't consider that earlier but then again I don't think the NAVY determines what fighter can be optimized for naval use. After all, the USAF has the F-22 as a replacement for their F-15's so why can't the NAVY have a stealth aircraft like the Blackwidow. Like I said earlier, the Blackwidow would pass for a perfect fighter/bomber due to it's design aesthetics though IMHO. I think one prototype could be operational in six to eight months hypothetically.
  4. Uhm no I am not disrespecting you. Phalanx if you are going to read up on a subject, cross reference with MULTIPLE sources. The site you linked sounds a lot like the info given by the sites who said the ali cat wasn't worth anything in the war, when there is a ton of sources that say otherwise. It sounds like stuff that the pro airforce/anti navy and pro super hornet crowd tend to fling around with tomcat debates. "Thats what I do! I read up on information from various websites watch various TV programs about military aircraft when I get the chance on either TLC, the Military Channel, the History Channel and wherever else." For you to say that the Iranians were inexperienced in dogfighting is wrong. Those pilots had a ton of experience in F-5's and F-4's. They were also US trained. Read stuff like@ACIG.org for starters. Look at the kills list. ACIG is not the most reliable but it has a lot more info specific to that war than the one site you just linked. Go to Tomcat sunset.org. Check sites like those out. If you go to tomcat sunset.org you might find all the info you will ever need. But don't bug them. That and read up on books on the tomcat. You say we know more than you do. Thats because prior to joining this forum most of us were already diehard aviation fans who like me, read military aviation books as a hobby on a weekly if not daily basis. "I said I THINK they were inexperienced, I wasn't sure." I don't think the number of tomcat kills is as high as Tom Cooper tends to estimate, nor do I think it is as low as the CIA and DOD like to say, nor as low as the Iranian govt tends to say either. I think the Tomcat most likely by all the evidence provided had a lot of kills, thing is with assasinations and lack of contact with governments, the actual kill tallies may forever be shrouded in mystery. And don't start a flame war its not worth it. If you do it'd be over nothing really. " I won't, next time don't provoke me to so by disrespectingn me in the smallest way OK?"
  5. Excuse me,Shin are you disrespecting me for that matter? FYII got it from here http://www.csd.uwo.ca/~pettypi/elevon/baugher_us/f014.html You tell me to read up on information about things like you recommended me to do so I can stop asking newbie questions and this is sort respect I get back in return? How ironic! And this is why I choose not to argue with you guys, because you guys know more than I do and I don't want to get no flame war started but I think you might have provoked me, but apparently my super open-mindedness is not paying off here. It feels that each time I try to give my knowledge on some things yo guys always seem to think I making this poo up. I don't think you guys are making this stuff up so why do you act like this to me? I just think it's downright hypocrtical of you to say this when I know you're just as gulity as me of doing the same. I mean Jesus Christ, you sound all stuck up with that tone you came at me with in your previous post.
  6. He never ordered the F-15. There was a flyoff between the 2 and he apparently had wanted the Tomcat all along and the fly off proved nothing. He felt the Tomcat was the superior plane. And he and his air force wanted it more. You have to remember as well, the Shah was a fighter pilot, not just some figure head who was getting advice from his politicians and military. I think he did order F-16's but by that time the revolution was in the midst of occuring and so was the later embargo. The whole rumor about a defecting ali cat stems from when a tomcat was flown to iraq and I think the crew wanted to live in exile outside of Iran. The Us pilots didn't want to fly the airframe back to the US so it and 2 phantoms were dismantled in Iraq(pilots were skeptical of the condition). The US and CIA were the ones doing this. This was during the Iran Iraq war and at the time the US was supporting Iraq. 404969[/snapback] That I know of course and you are right about the US and CIA dismantling the fighters but you forgot to add that Grumman technicans and Iranian technicians that were friendly to U.S had actually sabotaged the Pheonix missle systems of all the Alicats so they can be rendered inoperable to Iranian pilots as well as the guidance systems but the AWG-9 radar was still intact. They never used any Pheonix missles when the Iran-Iraq war started. However, the Alicats were never effecitive as part of the IRIAF since they were only able to maintain a small number of them. Due to their essential value to the IRIAF, some alicats were given frequent mini-AWACS roles to patrol their airspace since their radars were very powerful and they did not want to send them in combat. I think the reason why the Alicats were ineffective IMHO was because I think the pilots didn't clock in enough flighttime to get a formidale amount of experience. I don't know how much hours of flight time they put in but I think this was the reason why they were ineffective. The severe lack of parts for the Alicats resulted in the IRIAF having to canibalize a small number of their Alicats (15-20 estimated by the Western Intel) so they can keep them flying and have the remaining 50 or 55 used for spare part holders. After all, when Ayatollah Khomeinghi was in power and placed a nationwide embargo on western arms, the IRIAF's most essential weapon they coveted, the Pheonix missle, was never delivered to them as they requested 400 Pheonix missles and the severe lack of parts to maintenance the Alicats were what grounded most of the ALicats. As a result, the U.S reciprocalized by cutting ties with Iran. I think the reason why they wanted to try to order as much AIM-54's as they can was due to the fact that since I think the pilots were inexperienced at dogfighting, they could use the Pheonix missles o take out the Foxbats from a distance since it would save them trouble of having to wait til' they came into visual range and try to engage them via dogfighting. But then again I think that MOST of these pilots were never any good at dogfighting and that wouldn't make any difference anyway cause during the conflict, airpower wasn't essential in trying to gain an advantage over each other because both sides didn't know how to use their air force effectively and strategically. Even though dogfighting was very rare throughout the course of the war, the Iraqi's seemed to have won most of the air batteles as the Iranians lost most of them due to the fact that their pilots had more training flightime and had advanced French arms like the Etendard and Mirage F-1C armed with the Matra R-550 Magic missle.
  7. Nevermind that rumor about Russia obtaining and reverse engineering the Pheonix missle and me insiting that the Iranians should purchase those foxhounds,. I remember the Iranians saying that they wanted by the Tomcats was so they can intercept those annoying Foxbats that kept invading their airspace. The funny thing about this is that since Iran was rich due to it's robust amount of oil they sold for foreign exports, they also could have ordered the F-15 Eagles to boost their interception capabilities but I don't know why they chose not to buy those as well. They also bought a shatload of F-5'S, F-4D's and the P-3 Orions to increase theri airforce as SHin pointed out that the IRIAF was the most powerful airforce in the mid-east as a result of their mass purcahsing of these advanced warplanes at the time.
  8. Funny you mention them reverse engineering the Pheonix missle because the Russians actually purchased an Alicat along with it's set of pheonix missles to do the same thing as the MIG-31 was actually inspired the cat's Pheonix missle system and during the heyday of the MIG-31 it seemed like a suitable equal to the F-14 since it's R-33S missles were the Russian counterpart of American Pheonix missles. However, if that was the case with the F-14, how come the Iranians chose not to purchase a small number of MIG-31B's, MIG-31M,MIG-31FE, OR MIG-31BM's for that matter back then, as they had seemingly formidable updates to their avionics? I mean this would have saved them many man hours of testing and reverse engineering the original F-14s they have as these new Foxhound variants have modern avionics to start off with than their Alicats. If the Iranians were to hypothetically have either one of these variants, preferably the Foxhound M or FE, the only modifications they would have to do is probably give the aircraft analogue flight controlls and probably add their "Fatter" missles to them.
  9. Not necessarily, because I remember in the 90's X-men cartoon, Wolverine had a short term relation with her and then eventually got married to her.
  10. The Iranians have been trying various re-fit programmes on their Tomcats since the Iran/Iraq War. The May issue of Combat Aircraft Magazine has a pretty in depth article on the IRIAF written by Tom Cooper. Apparently the Iranians have been able to rig a new launch rail to allow carriage of the AA-11 missiles they bought with their Mig-29s. They've also done extensive re-fits to the avionics, replacing most of the AWG-9s analogue components with digital ones. 404783[/snapback] If you ask me, I wouldn't dare modify the avionics or airframe of any aircraft unless I knew the anatomy of a fighter intimately. I wouldn't risk making those modifications for fear that I may mess up the aircraft. But then again, due to the fact they lack spare parts to further maintenacne them and that was what grounded them for so long, I can see why they were truly desperate to make them effecttive. I'm sure tthey know what their doing and fully aware of the risks though. But then again, those Alicat's would't stand a chance our aircraft. I wonder if they managed to get one fully operational variant yet. However, I honestly think it's starnge but interesting seeing an American aircraft being retrofitted with russian engines like the Saturn L'yulka WS-10 engines, however their new enignes they;ve been trying to install in their Alicats' would make it easy to tell that it's not American since Russian engine turbines spin a little differently than AMerican engines, if I recall.
  11. As for me being black I listen to 70's ,80's, 90,s Smooth R&B, Old School Rap from the 80's and 90's (none of those new age artists are true gangsters like Tupac and Biggie) J-Pop and some Anime Soundtracks. A liitle bit of rock, smooth Jazz, Gospel and music you hear in video games. My favorite rap artists: Tupac Biggie Eazy-E Bone thugs and harmony Tiwster Po Pimp Snoop Dogg Timbaland Eminem Paul Wall Ice Cube Dr Dre Run DMC Will Smith
  12. Damn, I had no idea the Iranians were trying to refurbish their Tomcats by doing that. After all, they have the original A models that haven't received a huge update in the past 30 years. So I can pretty much imagine that they are going through great lengths just to make their fighters more effective against cuurent aircraft.
  13. I think it's because the ailerons, flaperons, vertical rudders, or engines freeze up at high altitudes I guess.
  14. I think it has something to do with the RAM on it's airframe being affected by the cold climate IMO.
  15. OK Nied I just wanted to save myself the relief of not getting flamed by some guy that's hostile to noob's that's all. I just wanted ask you guys the do's and don't do's before I make a fool out of myself and get lampooned by the rest of the users. Like it's best if you checked to see if you locked the doors in your house before you go out somewhere. I'm using this and Shin's previous thread as a reference for my knowledge aircraft. So far I;m on page 52 of the first thread and I got 53 more pages to go.
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