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  1. I hope we can have more stock soon, but not sure.
  2. We still have some in stock, if you're still want it
  3. You can also pre-order it with us https://hobby-genki.com/en/dx-chogokin/419-dx-chogokin-tv-version-vf-1-compatible-super-parts-set.html
  4. Hey, dont know where to post this, so if its not the right place, delete it or move it to the right section/topic. The 2nd batch for APRIL REISSUE DX CHOGOKIN MACROSS TV VERSION VF-1 COMPATIBLE SUPER PARTS SET is up, second release will be in 2021 April, so if you missed the first batch, the 2nd if for you. https://hobby-genki.com/en/dx-chogokin/419-dx-chogokin-tv-version-vf-1-compatible-super-parts-set.html?fbclid=IwAR1tMeBKKAuBwgKJTwNAhgdnQAJ3yqgTehW8QvEs-H8LR_5tOl9VGAjHWuc Hobby Genki Team
  5. Im not gonna go into details, but its not only the corona, but the big boss of nippon left the company with a lot of money so thats why nippon since some month is so bad (i mean more than usual). So the best for now is to maybe think twice before buying with them.
  6. Hello, finaly i decide to create a profil for this forum. Seems people talk about us and they wasnt sure we were legit, and i understand, as a buyer its difficult to buy from a place you dont know. I think some people from here already preorder/bought from us, for this thank you and hope you will be please with our service. Just for information, we only sell the stock we are sure to have, so if you order with us, youre sure to have your items, thats why sometimes we dont have a lot of stock, compare to bigger company. And we dont rise price for preorder like a company you mention before. Dont hesitate if you have any questions, here or on social media. Team Hobby Genki.
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