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  1. A lot of patience. It initially took some time to even figure out how to the parts were joined and where. But gradually, with steady stressing the booster in various places, it became easier to see the seam lines. A fine razor blade, a few spudgers, and guitar picks later, it finally came apart. Thanks. I was super disappointed when I found out it didn't light up like the Yamato one.
  2. haha glad you and the others like it. If you do decide to mod this particular piece, try to be patient with it. Literally ever piece is super glued together, except for the clear parts, which makes it a tad frustrating to get apart. It took everything in me to resist just ripping the damn thing apart lmao
  3. thanks guys. hoping i can stay active here with my schedule.
  4. Hi folks, first time post here, though I've been an on-and-off lurker for a while.. I just recently completed a mod of the fold booster that comes with the DX Chogokin YF-19 Full Set Pack, and figured I'd post some pics to see what you guys think. I used a 840 mAh 14500 LI-Ion cell, 4x 3mm LEDs, 2 red and 2 green, each with a 100 ohm resister, all wired in parallel so as to be powered by the 3.7v source. The inside of the booster needed significant modifications, going so far as to literally cut some parts completely out to make room for the battery. The wiring is certainly not the best,
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