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  1. Well that’s what I originally thought, but then DYRL happened and then I just didn’t know anymore lol. Macross Plus eventually goes back to Air Force/Army CO ranks. It’s just a minor gripe of mine lol Air Force has ruined me. I see that being a thing with the PMC’s operating in conjunction with the Spacy, but the Spacy itself should be at least a little consistent. Anyways, not gonna thread jack anymore y’all lol the topic was just too good to pass up.
  2. Macross has NO clear rank structure at all lol. TV was using Army/Air Force Commissioned Officer ranks, then in DYRL, they used Navy Officer Ranks. Then you have Delta, with Hayate given the rank of Sgt. No clear direction at all.
  3. Somebody headshots you as soon as you pull the toy from the clamshell.
  4. They more than likely won’t. My package is out for delivery today and it was scheduled for Monday.
  5. So what is a “good” price to some of you guys for DX SSP? I see them all the time on Yahoo! Japan and I could have sworn I saw some on Mandarake as well. Toy Arena has them in stock too if you prefer a US retailer.
  6. Sorry for the sideways pics. Don’t hurt your necks.
  7. Hi, new here. You’re free to have a preference, but to say Yamato/Arcadia is a better value is pretty wild to me, but I get it. If you prefer smaller scale and don’t care about poseability, the Arcadia’s make sense. I personally think the DX Chogokin VF-1’s are better built (minus the QC hiccup with the 1S, because my 1J and 1A are fantastic) and far more poseable. My Yamato stealth 1J was okay for the time, but it’s a turd in comparison in every aspect except fighter mode. Just my 2 cents as I’m sure it’s been stated in the craziness lol.
  8. That’s incredibly kind of you. More than likely I’ll take you up on that offer, but if you don’t mind posting the process so I at least have an idea of what the process entails, I’d really appreciate it.
  9. Sounds very involved* now I’m just using words that don’t make sense. What a night.
  10. Yeah it is the left leg. I’ll look for the write up now but man that does sound pretty intuitive lol.
  11. So has anyone ever had this happen to them? Got a sealed VF-1S from a friend of mine and the left leg came off. Any clue on how to fix it?
  12. Yeah I’d just wait like what DYRL said. I waited for Max a couple weeks after release and got him at 212 shipped on Amazon Japan.
  13. If you guys want, you could try your luck with the proxy buyer White Rabbit for TV Super Parts. It’s a simple process and isn’t TOO bad price wise. Haven’t tried it myself, but the reviews look good.
  14. I have one for 310 shipped if you’re interested.
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